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Pakistani army: No new offensive soon

January 22, 2010


— The Pakistani army said Thursday it cannot expand its offensive against militants for at least six months, and the United States backed off public pressure on an ally considered vital in the war next door in Afghanistan.

Remarks from the Army’s chief spokesman during a visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates did not rule out the offensive the United States would like to see, against militants who target U.S. forces in Afghanistan from hideouts in Pakistan.

“We are not talking years,” Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas told reporters traveling with Gates. “Six months to a year” would be needed before Pakistan could consolidate the gains it has made against militants in other parts of the country and then consider going further, he said.


anon1958 7 years, 10 months ago

Lol the Pakistani are just trying to leverage more money from the US to funnel into their military. They do not take the Taliban seriously as a threat and are totally preoccupied with their paranoid fantasy that India will invade them.

Why any country would actually covet the territory of Pakistan just staggers the imagination.

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