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Democrats reject fast fix to health care bill

January 22, 2010


— Though reeling from a political body blow, House Democrats rejected the quickest fix to their health care dilemma Thursday and signaled that any agreement on President Barack Obama’s signature issue will come slowly, if at all.

Democrats weighed a handful of difficult options as they continued to absorb Republican Scott Brown’s election to the Massachusetts Senate seat long held by Edward M. Kennedy. Several said Obama must forcefully help them find a way to avoid the humiliation of enacting no bill, and they urged him to do so quickly, to put the painful process behind them.

House leaders said they could not pass a Senate-approved bill, standing by itself, because of objections from liberals and moderates alike. Such a move could have settled the matter because it would not have required further Senate action. Brown’s stunning victory restored the GOP’s power to block bills with Senate filibusters.


SettingTheRecordStraight 8 years, 4 months ago

Thank God.

Now we can move on to what we should have been focusing on for the last 12 months: unemployment and the economy.

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