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City crews busy filling multitudes of potholes

In this 2010 file photo, Willie Harris, with the Public Works Department, fills a pothole with “cold patch” on Iowa Street

In this 2010 file photo, Willie Harris, with the Public Works Department, fills a pothole with “cold patch” on Iowa Street

January 22, 2010


City crews still filling potholes

City crews have filled more than 2,300 potholes in the past two weeks. Residents can call in and report potholes to the city. Enlarge video

Stats for the activity of Lawrence street crews during the past two weeks:

2,368 … Potholes filled and, in some cases, refilled.

594 … Pothole-location complaints received by city officials, through their phone and online reporting systems — 832-3456, for the Pothole Reporting Line; and written reports from the Web.

85.5 … Tons of asphalt used to patch potholes, for an average of 72.2 pounds per hole.

48 … Hours within which crews are expected to repair a pothole, once it’s been reported.

“For the most part, we’re making that happen,” said Mark Thiel, assistant director of public works. The city compiles each day’s work list by adding reports from the previous day, and — given the time of year — the list looks to remain active for weeks. “We’re kind of fighting an uphill battle on potholes,” Thiel said.

3 … Number of four-member crews working to repair potholes, often working overtime during weekdays, Thiel said. Some crews also have worked through weekends, including the federal holiday this past Monday.

3 … Trouble spots, according to Bill Nye, field supervisor: East 23rd Street, east of Haskell Avenue; Louisiana Street, north of 19th Street; and Kentucky Street, from 15th to 18th streets. Also getting repeat visits: Inverness Drive, from Bob Billings to Clinton parkways; and North Second Street, on both sides of the Union Pacific underpass in North Lawrence.

“It’s kind of repetitive, at this point,” Nye said.

1 … Weather forecast of concern, with a potential for snow Sunday night and into Monday. “We’ve got crews ready,” Thiel said.


gccs14r 7 years ago

Cold patching is ineffective, at best. It's too bad the taxpayers can't see that the money "saved" by using inferior paving technology is more than made up for by the constant need for maintenance and the additional wear and tear on vehicles. They hear $10 per square foot for concrete, $2 per square foot for asphalt, and $40 per square foot for brick (admittedly dated numbers) and assume that asphalt saves the most tax dollars.

steveguy 7 years ago

Earlier this winter the city said that potholes would not be bad this winter, what happened, they look and sound bad to me.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

And I hadn't even read this when I posted on your blog, Gnome!

gccs14r 7 years ago

I think that was before we had snow on the ground for a month straight.

Curtis Lange 7 years ago

Keep up the work, you pothole filler people you. You're not even close to being done. Good luck!

fromlarryville 7 years ago

The road between 23rd and 24th on Ridge Ct. looks like its been cluster bombed!! Especially by First med!!!

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

To report a pothole, contact the street division at (785) 832-3456

or fill out the city’s online pothole reporting form at ====================================== "The road between 23rd and 24th on Ridge Ct. looks like its been cluster bombed!! Especially by First med!!!"

Yes absolutely. I will call this in now.

Bring back laid off city workers so they can feed their families.

gbulldog 7 years ago

Leave the pot holes alone. Vehicles would have to slow down. Drivers would have to stop talking on cell phones and pay attention to driving. Economic boom for tire and alignment shops to fix vehicles of drivers who do not slow down..

kubmg 7 years ago

These comments are funny. Snow has been on the ground here in Colorado Springs since November. My guess is that it will stick around until late Feb. Potholes? Well when you have an ultra-conservative council that over the years has really screwed things up here locally, we don't have money to fill them. So we don't fill potholes and we don't plow snow unless it's more than 6 inches. It's always more than 6 inches here.

gccs14r 7 years ago

If they left the potholes alone, eventually they'd all link up and we'd have nice, smooth, gravel roads. LOL.

Angela Heili 7 years ago

If they would use concrete to pave the roads we wouldn't have as many pot holes. Just buckle down and use quality paving instead of patching patches. And yeah, the cold patch is worthless. Pops right back out again.

delta77 7 years ago

The concrete streets of my apartment complex are 5 years old and in perfect condition, no potholes or damage. The concrete intersections that Lawrence put in at Kasold & 15th and elsewhere are only a couple years old and already tore up.

Dateable_Shelter_Dude 7 years ago

Delta I'm with you I'm just too stupid to understand why.

steveguy 7 years ago

My daughter just ruined two tires on her car this afternoon.

gccs14r 7 years ago

There are different grades of concrete. The prior commission changed the spec to require granite aggregate, which lasts longer. Earlier commissions had permitted limestone aggregate. I don't know what the current group allows.

yankeevet 7 years ago

Only pothole i know is my

Boeing 7 years ago

Yeah, so much for being better...really shows that the leader(s) of the Streets department don't know anything about their job.

Gosh I need to leave this town.

Wprcky Mtn 7 years ago

is the city going to pay for my two...two flat tires I got today? One on my original tire at 25th and Louisiana and the other for my spare on Iowa at @17th????

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

Steve and wprkymtn - you can take the city to small claims court for reimbursement for your tires.

parrothead8 7 years ago

48 hours? Seriously?

I've reported potholes in two different locations; one was about ten days ago and the other was a week ago. Neither location has been filled.

gccs14r 7 years ago

I have never damaged a tire on a pothole in forty years of driving. Do people not watch where they're going?

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

gccs14r - if a pothole is big enough to blow a tire, it is usually too big to avoid without swerving into another lane.

musiclife 7 years ago

There is a HUGE pothole at the turn in for Free State and the Public swimming pool.

Susan Lee 7 years ago

When I was entering east Lawrence last week, I saw SEVEN hubcaps on the North 2nd Street underpass! (all within about 15 feet )

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

that's a new industry for north lawrence! lol.

a little fun:

Wprcky Mtn 6 years, 12 months ago

I've been driving in this town for 26 years and have never blown a tire in a pothole..... On Louisiana, they have those nice little islands that you can hit if you want to avoid the potholes....

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