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Man found dead near Big Brutus identified

January 19, 2010


— The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department says a man whose body was found near the Big Brutus tourist attraction apparently was trying a jump with a parachute when he died.

The man, 49-year-old Mark Mosley of Lowell, Ark., was found dead Saturday on the grounds of the Big Brutus attraction in West Mineral.

Authorities say it appears Mosley was trying a base jump from atop Big Brutus, which is 160 feet at its highest point, but the investigation continues.

Base jumping involves jumping with a parachute from a stationary base, usually a bridge, building or cliff. A parachute, harness and other safety equipment were found at the scene.


anon1958 6 years ago

Natural selection strikes again!

Shane Rogers 6 years ago

I'm sad to see this has happened, but is Big Brutus even tall enough to base jump off of? I've been to the top of the sucker (they don't let you up there anymore...) and while it is high I don't know that it's that high.

Guess that's why they hand out Darwin Awards though.

riverdrifter 6 years ago

Brutus is big but not big enough for Base jumping. Guy should've known better. Facepalm.

Mel Briscoe 6 years ago

what the hell is big brutus? sounds like a porno name.

Blessed4x 6 years ago

What sucks is that because of some idiot, Big Brutus will probably be shut down or, at the least, have access to it's different areas restricted even further. I was lucky enough to have been able to climb up the boom the year before they stopped allowing people to do this. It's really a cool tourist stop and a great, silly day trip for the family. The huge concrete rabbit isn't too far from there, either! Take a lunch and visit the prettiest lake in the state (Crawford) and you've got a fun, inexpensive daytrip!

Mel Briscoe 6 years ago

southeastern kansas is spayshul.

ralphralph 6 years ago

'what the hell is big brutus? sounds like a porno name.' ;)

honeychild, Big Brutus is a retired weapon of mass destruction.

Stuart Evans 6 years ago

This should be some nice media coverage for the Big Brutus film project.

hail2oldku 6 years ago

autie - "@Blessed4X. I thought that the Montgomery County state lake was the best in the state. "

You mean that dump we nicknamed Montgomery County Snake Lake in high school?

We were so happy when Big Hill Lake opened even though we had to travel a little farther to get to it. Unless they've cleaned that thing up, it isn't even good for catching frogs.

puddleglum 6 years ago

I almost fell off of big brutus when a step suddenly broke off from underneath me. I was halfway up the boom and pretty much loaded my pants. I couldn't talk for a half hour! they closed access to the boom some years ago. I visit once a year. it is so cool!

Mel Briscoe 6 years ago

much obleyedged, cuzin, or az thay say souf of tha boarder, "moochus graziass".

Kufan57 6 years ago

ralphralph...Big Brutus is a retired weapon of mass destruction.

How did you come up with this crazy explaination? LOL

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Here's Big Brutus... Even a picture this size doesn't do it justice... Until you see the smaller machine in the lower right.

GardenMomma 6 years ago

Thanks Roe. Now I know what it is.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

an yup that ther is wun mashee wut coud do a bunch of desrtuktin

coolmarv 6 years ago

Ralph must have been thinking of 'big bertha', the atomic cannon at Fort Riley unless the reference was for Brutus being used to strip mine.

Kirk Larson 6 years ago

Bungee jump, maybe. Base jump, no way.

BMI 6 years ago

They need to sit a Johnny on the Spot in front of that and retake that photo.

ralphralph 6 years ago

Ever seen a strip mine? Now THAT'S mass destruction.

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