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Kansas Department of Revenue looking for permission to charge those who file paper returns

January 15, 2010


— The state Department of Revenue is asking state lawmakers to allow it to charge Kansans fees for filing tax returns on paper.

The proposed fees are designed to encourage people to file their returns electronically.

Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon on Thursday told lawmakers that the proposed fees would offset the costs of state employees processing paper returns.

The department is proposing charging $25 to file a paper income tax return and $5 for a paper sales or user tax return. And having your return sent as a paper check would cost another $10.

The department is also reducing printing costs by not printing as many instruction tax booklets, and is charging tax preparers $25 for the printed booklets.


Stuart Evans 7 years ago

First the state has the gall to impose an income tax upon us, then they also want to charge us a fee for adhering to the tax. F U KS

hooligan01 7 years ago

We can save even more of their money by just not paying taxes (if only). Either way, glad I moved to North Dakota, they know how to spend money correctly up here.

John Hamm 7 years ago

You have got to be kidding me! What a ridiculous idea and Ms Wagnon needs to get her head on a little better.

parrothead8 7 years ago

"Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon on Thursday told lawmakers that the proposed fees would offset the costs of state employees processing paper returns."

I file electronically, so this wouldn't have an effect on me, but it's a ridiculous proposal. Isn't the processing of state tax returns what these jobs exist for in the first place? Isn't this what they get paid to do?

Will you also offer an extra $25 tax credit to the people who file electronically, since those same employees barely have to do anything for those returns?

Plain and simple, this penalizes people who can't afford a computer (and who don't want to sit in a public place like the library or an Internet cafe to do their taxes.) Charging people money to pay their taxes is a horrible idea, Secretary Wagnon.

LogicMan 7 years ago

I'm not an attorney, but this idea of charging a fee for being taxed sounds unconstitutional (federal lawsuit needed?). At least unquestionably unfair and regressive. Tea party in Topeka anyone?

headdoctor 7 years ago

Nice. They expect us to pay the alleged voluntary tax or in the case of use and sales tax make people collect it for them and now they want to charge us for actually forwarding the tax on to them. Oh well, there goes yet another compliance issue. I wonder how much tax they will lose because of such fees. I know a few hot headed tax payers that will get their fees back from the State one way or another. Probably to the tune of a 10 fold repayment plan. The tighter the Government tightens their grip, the more that slips through their fingers.

Christine Pennewell Davis 7 years ago

Wow star wars flash back with that last line headdoctor:)

1983Hawk 7 years ago

Get a grip, folks. As a result of five rounds of budget cuts already this fiscal year, the KDOR income tax processing staff has been reduced from roughly 170 bodies to 11 . When public sector funding is slashed at these levels, the level of service declines and sometimes the public is inconvenienced. Welcome to reality.

meburr 7 years ago

So when I filed electronically last year, the state was too broke to give me my refund immediately. So, 9 months later they sent me a paper check refund. The Dept of Revenue needs to first look at their own operations. They may just find some savings there! Not to mention I'm not able to charge them penalties and interest for their LATE payment to ME!

Chris Ogle 7 years ago

What a great idea. Maybe we could also charge an additional fee for evey tax dollar collected.....

chzypoof1 7 years ago

So 1983....inconvenience = taxes for being taxed? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. We need to stop accepting the budgeting errors that our state/city/county has made, and DEMAND transparency to all decisions. +1 for a tea party in Topeka....


Lenette Hamm 7 years ago

and what about folks who aren't able to file electronically? Maybe they don't have access to a computer, or the knowledge of one to do so... no matter, I think it's an absurd proposal, and couldn't agree more with AreUNorml!

ozzynbn 7 years ago

frikken dumbest idea ever.

What say we impose a tax on stupid politicians?

Citizen 7 years ago

What ever happened to tele-file. With that you could file your taxes from any touch-tone phone. Therefore, it eliminated the need for a personal computer, and still avoided paper forms.

It seems the department of revenue killed that system in 2006.

Kat Christian 7 years ago

This is outrageous - just plain wrong. There are still people who don't own a computer or know how to use them. We have no choice but to file taxes - so its just another way to trap Americans into forking over more money. I paid $58 last year to file my returns online as it is. Why do they charge for this if it is so much easier & cheaper than doing it by paper? Legal theft is what this is. Yeah American should get a refund just for stupid politicians.

poppygirl 7 years ago

I'll pay them to process my taxes as soon as they pay me to pay them ! This lady is an idiot

paisley 7 years ago

This is a "gem" of an idea. Reminds me of The City's snow removal ordinance...Ha! Hello Kansas...I happen to know a few folks that do not own a computer, a t.v., a cell phone or even use a checking account or credit card. They work hard to remain out of debt and I commend them for that. Personally, I agree with LMH and AreUNormal. Dumb idea.

Bob_Keeshan 7 years ago

Don't banks have a right to charge a fee?

I thought we wanted Government to be run like a business?

Well, this is the type of solution a business would come up with.

chzypoof1 7 years ago

If this were a "business" as you suggest...then it would be Public...and the stock would be a penny stock. Businesses don't constantly run a negative balance and survive.

We need LESS government, not more.

Tax on a tax is NEVER a good plan.


headdoctor 7 years ago

1983Hawk (Anonymous) says… Get a grip, folks. As a result of five rounds of budget cuts already this fiscal year, the KDOR income tax processing staff has been reduced from roughly 170 bodies to 11 . When public sector funding is slashed at these levels, the level of service declines and sometimes the public is inconvenienced. Welcome to reality.

I have a perfect grip and I am quite familiar with reality. I will be happy to consider other options just as soon as I see the Politicians at both State and Federal level be responsible with Government and live by the same laws and other restrictions they expect us to live by. Until then all bets are off.

Alexander Neighbors 7 years ago


make it free to file taxes if you have a computer and an internet connection...(good for rich people who have these things)

charge to use paper forms.... ( a tax on poor people who don't have internet or a computer )

Who is in charge and could they be this stupid ? I think they are disconnected with the people of kansas.

Catbacker 7 years ago

Hmmm...If you have my $500 and want to charge me $25 to give it back, you have leverage; but if I owe you money...and you try to charge me a fee to repay will most likely end up with nothing.

yankeevet 7 years ago

Now they want too charge us for paying our taxes???

Stephanie Anderson 7 years ago

Didn't they used to have a fee for direct deposit? Now they want a fee if they have to send you a paper check?

Liberty275 7 years ago

Florida doesn't need to waste money processing state income tax. And it's not a giant cornfield.

rbwaa 7 years ago

i agree - Fire Joan Wagnon!! - she is self aggrandizing and attention seeking. she is short-sighted and stupid. she has disdain for senior citizens and the effect this will have on the programs that give them a measly rebate on food sales and homestead property taxes. what arrogance! this is outrageous! [i have a lot more descriptive terms to use but would risk deletion of my comment!]

nickm81 7 years ago

Tele-File was great, I used it every year until it was discontinued. Must've been too many errors....

LadyJ 7 years ago

I know the senior center has help for tax returns for seniors, will they file it electronically for free for them? Most tax preparers charge extra to file electronically so some people would be stuck paying either way. Maybe the post office needs to get involved. Look at all the postage they would lose. It probably takes 15 minutes (or less) to process a claim. At $25 a return, that is $100 or more an hour. I know we don't pay the employees that much so it is just another way to screw the taxpayer.

Hey, can we charge the City $10 for having to write a paper check for the water bill since we can't pay electronically for free?

StrangerCreek 7 years ago

Those people in Topeka are just disconnected with reality. Maybe if they didn't blow all that cash on the renovation they would'nt be in such bad shape.

Charles L Bloss Jr 7 years ago

I think she deserves another toilet seat in front of her office door. This is insane. This state taxes us to the bone, and now wants us to pay more for being taxed? Totally insane, but she has always been a little strange. One needs a computer just to keep up with her current job. Go back to the bank Wagnon. Thank you, Lynn

myvotecounts 7 years ago

I agree with the critics of Joan Wagnon. Of all of her public "service" roles, I'm not sure she's ever left the place the same or better than she found it. The only person who came out ahead each time she left was herself. When she was Mayor of Topeka, she couldn't even win her PRIMARY on reelection. I'd almost guarantee if she is removed from the KDOR, we will see immediate improvement in the agency's performance.

Danimal 7 years ago

Awesome, governments have finally figured out a way to tax taxes.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

If you walk, they'll tax your feet. If you're cold, they'll tax the heat.

HalsteadHawk 7 years ago

Arrogance, thy boundaries are infinite

jeremyhay 7 years ago

You should have a look at what your former colonial masters do now. The Brits introduced a system called PAYE (pay as you earn) during the 1939/45 war. Everyone is given a 3 digit code at the start of the tax year (e.g. 678 = GBP 6789 tax free allowance for the tax year). The employer deducts tax on a cumulative basis according to this - if the code alters in the year then it is self-adjusting. At the end of the tax year, as long as the code is correct, no need for tax returns! It works 1000% better than the German "everyone must fill out a tax declaration" and the US systems! (Personal experience)

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