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Snow-removal citations

January 14, 2010


Property owners who were issued citations under the city’s snow-removal ordinance, as provided by the city:

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Snow Removal Tickets

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Asisian, Njdeh, 4604 Muirfield Drive

Astendieck, Erna L., 1915 W. Third Terrace

Ayala, Daniel E., 2110 Crossgate Drive

Bailey, Timothy L., 2009 Naismith

Baker, Nancy, 2319 Iowa

Barnaby, Glenn A. Jr., 1400 Pinewood Drive

Barnes, Arloa, 1708 E. 21st Terrace

Baumgartel, Howard J., 2115 Green-brier Drive

Baxter, Timothy L., 132 Mich.

Baxter, Timothy L., 124 Mich.

Beal, Kermit M., 621 W. 25th St.

Beal, Kermit M., 618 and 622 W. 25th St.

Beebe, David A. Sr., 331 Wis.

Bfs Retail, 2425 Iowa

Borgen, Charles F., 2319 La.

Boyd, Laura M., 812 Easy St.

Brazell, Joy L., 1311 Monterey Way

Brown, Mark W., 2912 Chisholm Drive

Bryant, Michael, 1608 E. 21st Terrace

Buchmann, Matthew A., 2520 Iowa

Butell, Michael J., 2111 Greenbrier Drive

Capps, Lois P., 2100 Crossgate Drive

Capps, Lois P., 2102 Crossgate Drive

Capps, Lois P., 2018 Crossgate Drive

Cardwell, Patricia M.,1209 E 25th Terrace

Carver, Garrett L., 2525 Ponderosa

Cooper, Jane C., 1846 Mass.

Coronado, Alejandro L., 2517 Ponderosa

Dahlke, Dennis L., 2039 Naismith

Dedloff, Wayne T., 703 W. 25th St.

Dellaportas, Peter, 3020 Iowa

Dreger, Joyce J., 2408 La.

Edmondson, Michael T., 4500 Muirfield Drive, Blk 2

Emprise Bank National Assn., 2435 Iowa

Eoannou, George, 2916 Chisholm Drive

Franks, Christopher A., 2344 La.

Fritzel, Brett A., 2021 Naismith

Fry, Jana J., 1706 E. 21st Terrace

Garber, Douglas P., 339 Calif.

Gunderson, Chad, 1911 W. Third Terrace

Haag, Gary, 2301 La.

Ham, Randall J., 1600 W. Fourth St.

Ham, Randall J., 413 Miss.

Hannoum, Abdelmajid, 2106 Crossgate Drive

Hartman, Rita E., 324 Clayton Court

Hartman, Tanya E., 141 Mich.

Henry, Errol, 2123 Elmwood St.

Herman Ii, Harold Jay, 4213 Crofton Court

Hill, Steven E., 2900 Chisholm Drive

Howell, Vicki Kay, 1320 Fair Lane

Iowa & 31st Real Estate, 3050 Iowa

Ji, Shating, 2104 Crossgate Drive

Jinkens, Kristina M., 832 W. 21st St.

Johnson, Thomas Vernon, 325 Clayton Court

Karam, Crystal R., 2119 Greenbrier Drive

Kastendieck, Mary K., 1913 W. Third Terrace

King, Jack G., 736 W. 25th St.

King, Jack G., 802 W. 25th St.

Kiser, Carl, 130 Mich.

Konyalioglu, Ahmet, 1620 W. Fourth St.

Kupper, Richard B., 2015 Naismith

Loeffler, Frank J., 1800 E. 23rd St.

Loeffler, Frank J., 2220 Harper St.

Ly, Cuong H., 2610 Jordan Lane

Marcin, Stephen J., 2920 Chisholm Drive

Martin, Jason K., 1245 West Campus Road

Matalone, Tony J., 2614 Jordan Lane

Mcbee, Lee T., 2529 Ponderosa

Midyett, Larry H., 2112 Bob Billings Parkway

Miller, Willard Jr., 2616 Jordan Lane

Morel, Lindy A., 4816 W. 26th St.

Nelson, Edward E., 610 W. 25th St.

Nelson, Edward E., 608 W. 25th St.

Nelson, Edward E., 615 W. 25th St.

Nelson, Edward E., 724 W. 25th St.

Nelson, Edward E., 730 W. 25th St.

Nelson, Edward E., 731 W. 25th St.

Notah, Timothy, 2422 La.

Pachter, Bill, 711 W. 23rd St.

Parra, Aida M., 1610 E. 21st Terrace

Patterson, Paul G., 502 Lindley Drive

Peterson, Gary H., 2500 Iowa A & B

Ramp, Eugene A.,1311 Michigan Way, B

Reams, Thomas M. Jr., 804 Easy St.

Redeemer Lutheran Church, 2700 Lawrence Ave.

Salvino, John R., 635 W. 25th St.

Santaularia, Charles B., 2033 Naismith

Savoy, Kenneth J., 812 W. 25th St.

Scali, Gina, 331 Clayton Court

Slough, James A., 627 W. 25th St.

Sousa, Michael W., 2415 Iowa

Stein, Christian R., 324 Northwood Lane

Stites, Jerry R., 2722 Belle Haven Drive

Supancic, Thomas A., 1301 W. 21st St.

Supernaw, Irene, 1710 E. 21st Terrace

Sutton, Edward B., 1402 W. Second St.

Swain, Randall S., 1709 Inverness

Taylor, Vicki J., 1307 W. 22nd St.

Teeter, Herbert C., 609 E. 11th St.

Tracy, Michael D., 2924 Chisholm Drive

Tran, Jonathan T., 2533 Ponderosa

Tschudy, Will B., 2133 Naismith

Turner, Mark E., 330 Calif.

Underwood, Cathy G., 2027 Naismith

United States Of America Facility Manager, 2100 Iowa

Vande Vooren, Daryl D., 1712 E. 21st Terrace

Vanmeter, Earl Leroy, 1400 Pin Oak Drive

Walker, Andrew L., 1308 W. Second St.

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business, 3300 Iowa

Weld, Linda D., 2108 Crossgate Drive

Wente, Jodi P., 535 N. Salsbury Court

Winn, Nancy N., 1321 Monterey Way

Woodcreek Townhouse Assn Inc., 255 N. Mich.


Randall Barnes 6 years ago


Paula Kissinger 6 years ago

Pay_N_My_Way (Anonymous) says…

"I would like to issue a citation to the City for NOT removing the snow from my street."

Love it ! When they removed the snow (partially) from my street (finally) they piled it up in a neat line on either side...right in front of everyone's driveway. When folks came home they were greeted with several feet of snow that they had to shovel so they could access their driveway. How considerate.

Back to the posted list. Why is this in the paper? Is the JW going to start publishing the names of those receiving parking tickets now also? This isn't news and, unless things have really changed, these people/businesses issued the citations have the right to be heard in court like anyone else who receives a notice to appear. I thought the sidewalk issue was so wrong but this tops it.

workinghard 6 years ago

She evidently doesn't run over by Prarie Park school

conservative 6 years ago

That list is pathetically short for the number of sidewalks i've seen not shovelled. The ordinance isn't there primarily for runners. It is there because of the kids who have to walk to school. Shame on you if you haven't kept up with your responsibility to clean off your sidewalks. Yes the first snow with ice under it took some work to clear but since then it only has taken a few minutes to throw the powder off after each snowfall.

BigPrune 6 years ago

This could be fantastic if I were an elected official with an "enemies list" like Obama keeps!

Sharon Aikins 6 years ago

I was a passenger in a vehicle going south on Wakarusa this weekend. I was amazed that most walks were cleared. Of course, a small child would be covered should the piles of snow on either side of the cleared walks collapse. How in the world can the city pile all that snow over the walks and then expect them to be cleared?

Christine Pennewell Davis 6 years ago

this list is a joke. my husband was the only one on our block to clean the sidewalk and no one on our block is on this list. also the city should give it's self a ticket for endangering childrem for not going around and making sure that kids did not have to climb over piles of snow at cross walks to be able to stay on side walks. I have seen so many blocked cross walks at schools and around them.

hipper_than_hip 6 years ago

There's still no clear sidewalk between Princeton and Kingston along North Iowa.

zettapixel 6 years ago

If any of these people subscribe to the LJWorld, they should cancel their subscription immediately. I'm with Marion on this one...

GardenMomma 6 years ago

Well ain't that a kick in the pants!

cowboy 6 years ago

I find it rather disingenuous that the LJW will take the time to publish this list while not listing the daily OUI's , thefts , and a rather large drug bust that occurred yesterday. Seems you are more concerned with publicly outing sidewalk folks rather than the city's criminal population.

Every recipient of these tickets should demand a trial. Request numerous continuances , make it a complete nuisance for the municipal court and the city.

And the city should receive tickets for every street that is not clear which in my little part of lawrence , below campus , is most all of them.

loloen 6 years ago

No tickets issued in N. Lawrence? Well, they obviously don't take the route I do when I walk my kid to school. Hey people that said, 'I'll just let the snow melt,'- what happens when a foot of snow starts melting on a sidewalk? Slush and puddles that are going to refreeze during the night. I guess it will take some kid walking to school laying on the sidewalk with a broken arm or leg or getting hit by a car walking out in the street before some people DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO! I slipped about 3 times this morning, luckily no falling. Good thing I'm so graceful! ;)

cowboy 6 years ago

North lawrence has a live and let live attitude , God Bless em

Chris Ogle 6 years ago

Wait a minute..... I need to call these guys.... they forgot me.

Maddy Griffin 6 years ago

Thanks for the list LJW! I see a lot of landlords on that list,as I have rented from a few of them. mommaeffortx2- I agree. I've watched the kids climbing "snow mountain" to get across the crosswalk. That's just shameful.

waterski4ku 6 years ago

I am glad to see that 323 Glenview was not issued a ticket. They were kind enough to attempt to clear the sidewalk with the exception of the 4 foot tall pile of snow that was cleared from the driveway and piled onto the sidewalk. Of course the City did the same thing to the street corner entrance. Makes me question why clear the sidewalk if there is a wall preventing people from reaching the sidewalk?

jackpot 6 years ago

BigPrune we are on the Obama list with this one "United States Of America Facility Manager, 2100 Iowa"

Danielle Brunin 6 years ago

"Regurgitated spoils from last night's debauchery." Multi, you are hilarious. That may be my new favorite line!

It's funny that ljworld won't publish the names of alleged sex offenders, but they publish this list of people, many of whom are probably elderly or disabled. When one of these people feebly tries to shovel their snow and die of a heart attack to avoid humiliation (and I know many elderly who would be humiliated by this), I hope their families sue.

loloen 6 years ago


I'd never report any of my N. Law neighbors for this, but I do curse them under my breath. Especially the young guy who owns a house caddy-corner from Woodlawn Elementary. I got my ass out and shoveled. I don't know why he can't do it.

DennisAnderson 6 years ago

The City of Lawrence has had a snow removal ordinance for a number of years, but this is the first time the city has cited property owners — businesses and private residences — for not clearing their sidewalk. Since the ordinance was enacted, readers have regularly commented about it after each snowfall. The Journal-World editors decided that this was a significant occurrence and worthy of coverage. Dennis Anderson Managing Editor Lawrence Journal-World

jayhawklawrence 6 years ago

Unfair, unreasonable, arrogant use of power by government.

There are a lot of things that government should not be involved in.

This is one of them.

jtop 6 years ago

According to the LJW, tickets will be issued "to addresses where the city has received a complaint about an unshoveled sidewalk." In the age of full disclosure and total/complete transparency, I think the LJW should publish the names of those who filed a complaint.

shepdog 6 years ago

I live on a corner lot. This means i have a lot of sidewalk to shovel. I only shovel a path so people, mostly kids going to school, could walk on it. I wonder? Does that mean I could get half a ticket? I also have a driveway that gets a plow full of snow that I have to clean out. Is it a pain? Ya! But what are they suppose to do???

Liberty275 6 years ago

Why is this list part of the newspaper/website? LJW should be ashamed.

gogoplata 6 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

YouPeopleAreCrazy 6 years ago

Lol, I guess we all know where Eride runs now.

The only thing worse than not shoveling your walk is informing on your neighbors.

Sulla 6 years ago

Gee, I thought that it was a big no-no to run on concrete anyway(in reference to the jogging nark). At least the snow on the sidewalk gives their knees some cushion and it is a bigger leg muscle workout. What a moron!

Laura Wilson 6 years ago

Obviously someone on one street in my neighborhood did a lot of complaining! And they dinged a church! For shame!

I'm actually surprised there weren't more. If you go by the people on this site there are a lot of people in town just waiting to rat out their neighbors.

And, yes, I shoveled, hurting my back in the process, and never once saw someone walk on the stupid sidewalk after it was done. I, too, have noticed that the entrances to crosswalks are often huge piles of plowed up snow. The sidewalks may be clear but then you have to climb over a mountain to cross the street!

I, too, hope everyone who was fined goes to court and demands a hearing. This ordinance is poorly done. I know for a fact that at least two of the people listed are out-of-state landlords. Good luck getting them to pay or dragging them back here, City!

puddleglum 6 years ago

I think it is cool. lj world just got 3 subscriptions from us! thanks lj-keep the names of the disgraced a'comin'

Boston_Corbett 6 years ago

Marion: Don't worry. Since you don't own a home and live in mama's basement, you won't get a ticket.

LadyJ 6 years ago

The newspaper of my hometown (small) prints the names of everyone who gets a ticket, plus the offense and the fine. Gives a whole new meaning to every knows everything about everyone.

MarianKay 6 years ago

Love it. I should have called in everyone on Mississippi from 9th Street to the university. I have to walk to work in the street.

cozy 6 years ago

Dennis (Dennis Anderson) says…

The City of Lawrence has had a snow removal ordinance for a number of years, but this is the first time the city has cited property owners — businesses and private residences — for not clearing their sidewalk. Since the ordinance was enacted, readers have regularly commented about it after each snowfall. The Journal-World editors decided that this was a significant occurrence and worthy of coverage. Dennis Anderson Managing Editor Lawrence Journal-World


The city not appropriately clearing the roads is "regularly commented" about. It is a "significant occurrence" and is "worthy of coverage".

GardenMomma 6 years ago

Somehow publishing BOTH names and addresses of violators of the shoveling ordinance seems a little excessive. I would think that either the names OR the addresses would have been plenty.

George Lippencott 6 years ago

Dennis (Dennis Anderson) says…

Your comment is a bit disingenuous. The city only strengthened the ordinance a little over a year ago. Before that, it was very tolerant of the property owner – perhaps too tolerant. This whole issue comes about because of a very restrictive requirement and an unusual snowfall (blizzard). We can do better for both the property owner and the sidewalk user. I bet the list contains many of those who did not shovel before we strengthened the ordinance. If it is not working properly, maybe we need to rethink it.

cowboy 6 years ago

LJW editors , You are completely out to lunch on what you will publish and what you won't. Cloaked behind " significant" and "worthy" is a policy that is inconsistent at best.

You post these names while ignoring all of the community dangers that are booked each day into the Douglas county Jail. Except that time it was a law officer and you spread it all over your paper. Drunk drivers deserve to be outed , drug dealers deserve to be outed , molesters deserve to be outed and the public deserves to know who these people are.

The publishing of the list is simply a stunt by the LJW as it has been in the past also. You have no ground to stand on here.

LadyJ 6 years ago

Well it did help us figure out where Eride might live, so it was really a public service article.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

We are thankful the city did not plow our street this last snow.

We enjoy accessing our vehicles and driveway if necessary.

Salt,sand and driving over the snow slowly worked beautifully.

Thank You City Hall.

Who wants City Hall to take control of cleaning and repairing sidewalks plus installing new sidewalks? For a small fee?

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

Who Should Maintain Sidewalks?

Did You Shovel Your Walk Last Snow Storm (2008)

Another Interesting Poll Which Was Proved Wrong Based on Called In Complaints This Time Around.

Boston_Corbett 6 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Uhjh 6 years ago

Why is the Journal World so concerned about listing snow removal violations? You are not serving the community. I never see a list of drunk drivers who have the potential to kill innocent citizens. Why don’t you spend your time on something important like good jobs providing a good live or the lame brain crap the city council discuss. Do your job to be a real newspaper. Just who the h#ll is the editor anyway a stupid person that like to do an easy lazy job! Such professionalism is just a joke.

Uhjh 6 years ago

Why is the Journal World so concerned about listing snow removal violations? You are not serving the community. I never see a list of drunk drivers who have the potential to kill innocent citizens. Why don’t you spend your time on something important like good jobs providing a good live or the lame brain crap the city council discuss. Do your job to be a real newspaper. Just who the h#ll is the editor away a stupid person that likes to do an easy lazy job! Such professionalism is just a joke.

budwhysir 6 years ago

Are they posting speeding tickets next week? Would it be possible for me to look at those who have not paid city bills this month???? I will re read this article but I swear I never saw the bus company listed on here.

budwhysir 6 years ago

Good thing they didnt print this on the days they couldnt deliver the news paper. I would have hated to miss it on the day it was printed

Jeff Cuttell 6 years ago

Nothing like a little embarrassment to get people to start doing duty. This is great to get out there for a little pier pressure. It's funny to see all of the landlords and businesses. Looks like Marion should probably spend a little less time on the computer and get out shoveling. Way to go City and thanks LJW for getting the word out there. Hopefully next time this will help to make the list smaller.

loloen 6 years ago

OMG! Stop bitching about it and do what you're supposed to do! Just shovel the damn walk already!

John Hamm 6 years ago

It's about time something was done in Lawrence about those who choose to endanger others by not doing simple, basic homeowner's duties. Then Kudos to the LJW for actually publishing a list of ticketed offenders.

Jeff Cuttell 6 years ago

Marion, thanks for taking my suggestion under advisement.

headdoctor 6 years ago

Marion (Marion Lynn) says… This article, with all of its hypocrisy is enough to cause me to consider to having my profile removed from the LJW. Not that anyone cares but I may very well make the statement through that method. I will get back to you that one after further consideration.

That wont happen. You are to much of an attention whore. Either way you would be back under some other screen name. It would really be a blow to your ego to lose the almost 20K post history of drivel. I do think it would be a very good experiment. LJW would get a chance to see how the quality of content improved with your absence.

And again Marion, what is it to you? You don't live here or pay taxes here.

Boston_Corbett 6 years ago

Marion, who complains endlessly about censorship and hypocrisy once again had one of my posts removed above

Yes, you see once again it is Marion who is the censor and hypocrite.

Kontum1972 6 years ago

what if there is "poo" in the it a double whammy?

Kontum1972 6 years ago

now Al Qaeda will know where we all live....RATS!

gogoplata 6 years ago

Can I quote a line from the movie Inglorious Basterds?

gogoplata 6 years ago

Or how about Christmas Vacation?

Don't pay the cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sacks of monkey poop.

Linda Aikins 6 years ago

I actually thought this was interesting news! We have been talking about it a lot - but there are a jizillion more names not on here!

For the side streets that have one path cleared down them, it would be nice now if the street crews would come take a little more off the sides.

George Lippencott 6 years ago

OonlyBonly (Anonymous) says…

What basic homeowner duty? Is this the one you established? I have no obligation to clear the walk. The city may have required it by law - but this would not be the first law of convenience to placate the mob!!

budwhysir 6 years ago

My favorite citation was "shovel my sidewalk? what sidewalk?" Ya cant prove there is one there, looks like snow to me,

jumpin_catfish 6 years ago

These people aren't criminals so is this to shame them for their bad behavior. Maybe next time it snows the city can put them in stocks or something. This is bullcrap and no my name is not on the list.

FBrumm 6 years ago

In my book, what makes this list even more annoying is the fact that they waited until the snow started melting to print it.

landon_alger 6 years ago

Love it.

For those of you saying don't pay, that's great. Just don't complain when you get that bench warrant issued for your arrest. At that point, you transformed a fine for laziness into jail time.

Ironically, it looks like most of the complaints are from law and order types.

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