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Hawaii can’t afford Congressional election

January 10, 2010


— Cash-strapped Hawaii can’t afford to pay for an election to replace a congressman who is planning to step down next month to run for governor, potentially leaving 600,000 Honolulu residents without representation in Washington.

Budget cuts have left the state Office of Elections with about $5,000 to last until July, with a special election costing nearly $1 million, interim Chief Elections Officer Scott Nago said.

Until the state finds money or this fall’s regularly scheduled elections occur, one of Hawaii’s two seats in the House of Representatives will remain vacant.

Elections officials are hoping to conduct a vote-by-mail special election May 1 if they can get the $925,000 it would cost.


anon1958 8 years, 2 months ago

LOL, that place may be more poorly run than Kansas but at least its warm there! Taxation without representation! Those are fighting words!

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