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UMB Financial named 2nd-best bank in U.S.

January 8, 2010


UMB Financial Corp. announces it was ranked the second-best bank in America by Forbes in an end-of-the-year evaluation of the 100 largest banks and thrifts in America.

Forbes partnered with SNL Financial to determine the best banks by looking at eight financial measures including return on average equity, net interest margin, NPLs as a percentage of loans, NPAs as percentage of assets, reserves as a percentage of NPLs, two capital ratios (Tier-1 and risk-based) and leverage ratio.

Also in 2009, UMB Financial received recognition as being a top performer in Sandler O’Neill and Partners “2009 Bank and Thrift Sm-All Stars” report, a No. 5 ranking in a “stress test” conducted by SNL Financial to determine the best capitalized bank holding companies nationally, and a No. 21 ranking in Bank Insurance Market Research Group’s “2009 Who’s Who in Bank Wealth Management.”


LoneHawk1 8 years, 3 months ago

According to that same report Commerce Bank was ranked Number 3.

Richard Heckler 8 years, 3 months ago

Take the pledge to Move Your Money! In the past week, Move Your Money evolved from a New Year's Resolution into a national movement.

Press coverage spans the spectrum from mainstream outlets to advocacy blogs and progressive organizations -- from Dissident Voice and Democracy Now! to the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, CNN's Rick Sanchez and MSNBC's "The Ed Show".

Press coverage hardly captures the whole movement, however. Across social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, a surge of grassroots organizing is showing how Americans are making the Move Your Money initiative their own.

Just minutes after Arianna Huffington announced the campaign, Facebook users became fans of the project -- over 7,000 in seven days -- and started sharing their stories through the Move Your Money fanpage as well as the Huffington Post page.

Facebook user Carol Merrill commented on her experience:

Reclaimed all my money from Chase & moved to Schools...very happy with the move. It's like going to Cheers...everyone knows my name!

Others are taking even greater initiative on Facebook by starting specialized groups centered around the Move Your Money campaign. Nearly 500 people have organized around an initiative started by conservatives and libertarians who advocate for the campaign in a Facebook group, Time to Bailout From the Bailout Banks & the Dollar.

The group's description reads:

It is time that Americans began to vote with their money and tell the Wall Street bailout banks & the Federal Reserve paper dollar where to go...

Yes, we agree with Gary North and Arianna Huffington to move your funds out of the bailout Wall Street banks and financial institutions as this and future generations will be saddled with this illegitimate debt and drain on the American economy for decades to come.

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