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American mother, baby killed by elephant

January 8, 2010


— Sharon Brown was hiking with family and her 1-year-old daughter in a Kenyan nature reserve when suddenly their unarmed guide froze in his tracks. Around a corner was an elephant.

The guide shouted to turn back, but it was too late. The elephant — which was protecting a calf nearby — gored the young American mother, tossed her in the air and dragged her body into the forest, a relative said. The baby, who was flung out of her carrier, also died.

“We watched helplessly,” Brown’s brother-in-law, Rick LeVert, said of the tragic end to what was supposed to have been a scenic nature walk in the forest surrounding the lodge where the family was staying near Mount Kenya National Park.

The 38-year-old New York native and her husband Jeff had decided to take the guided hike Monday with their baby, Margaux, after being told by the owner of the Castle Forest Lodge that it was safe for such a young child, said LeVert, who accompanied them with his wife, Libby.


Larry McGlinn 8 years, 3 months ago

A testimonial to the fact that safety should never be taken for granted, whether an individual or a nation. It would have been better if the guide had been armed and had killed the elephant - I'll bet the elephant has already been hunted down and killed anyway.

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