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Be prepared for pet emergency in outdoors

January 4, 2010


Before heading to campsite, pet owners should do some advance planning in the event a pet emergency arises in the great outdoors. First, consult a veterinarian about potential problems that could affect your pet during the road trip. Additionally:

• Always bring your pet’s information with you on a trip. This should include photos, breed, age, sex, color and medical records. The information can be great value particularly if a pet has become lost.

• When staying at a pet-friendly accommodation, check with the front desk about local veterinarian recommendations.

• Pets can suffer from minor gastrointestinal discomforts because of motion or eating prior to traveling. If your pet develops diarrhea or vomits, refrain from giving food or water to the pet for several hours to see if the problem subsides.

• Make the appropriate contact with a local vet or pet hospital if you observe a condition you feel needs medical attention.


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