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January 2, 2010


The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on Dec. 16 was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners Dianne Childs and Judy Hildreth tied for first in A with Catherine Blumenfeld and Grant Sutton; Larry Weatherholt and Peter Petillo, third in A; Dick Shaffer and Ann Thompson, fourth in A, second in B, and first in C; Chuck Hedges and Virginia Eddy, fifth in A and third in B; and Earle Core and Albert Ballard, fourth in B and second in C.

East-West winners were Eldon Herd and Shari Krentzel, first in A and B; Virginia Seaver and Shirley Reese, second in A; Yvonne Hedges and Sally Taylor, third in A and second in B; Kate Bastien and Bobby Patton, fourth in A, third in B, and first in C; Mark Osborn and Polly Schoning, fourth in B; and Hailong Dao and Craig Huneke, second in C.

The Thursday Morning Duplicate Mentor Bridge Club’s game on Dec. 17 was directed by Lester Dalton. Winners Debbie Bettinger and Marilyn Martin tied in first with Virginia Seaver and Dick Shaffer; Jean Khatib and Chris Lane, third; and John Reese and Lester Dalton tied in fourth with Earle Core and Patricia Lechtenberg.

The Friday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on Dec. 18 was directed by Virginia Seaver. North-South winners were Grant Sutton and Mark Osborn, first in A and B; Janice Hollowell and Jean Otney, second in A and B; Bobby Patton and Kent McCullough tied for third in A with Virginia Seaver and Klee Zaricky; and Catherine Blumenfeld and Ann Thompson tied for fifth in A, third in B, and first in C, with Mike Montgomery and Rhonda Montgomery.

East-West winners were John Oxley and Elizabeth Jankord, first in A; Sally Taylor and Yvonne Hedges, second in A and first in B; Adelaide Nyquist and Eleanor Patton third in A, second in B, and first in C; Dick Shaffer and Jack Flickinger, fourth in A, third in B, and second in C; Jan O’Connor and Barbara McCorkle, fifth in A; and Eldon Herd and Vince Nordberg, sixth in A and fourth in B.


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