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Smoke-free state

Passage of a statewide smoking ban is the most important action the Kansas Legislature has taken so far this year.

February 27, 2010


A public smoking ban approved by the Kansas House this week will give the entire state the opportunity to share the same smoke-free environment Lawrence residents already enjoy.

The measure that will ban smoking in restaurants, bars, offices and other public places already had been approved by the Senate and is on its way to the desk of Gov. Mark Parkinson, who called for a statewide smoking ban in his State of the State message and already has promised to sign the bill into law. Kansas will join 24 other states with similar smoking bans, including the nation’s top tobacco-producing state, North Carolina.

The ban will apply to retail stores, educational facilities, libraries, courtrooms, theaters, auditoriums and other public places and places of employment as well as public transportation such as buses, taxis and limousines. The bill obviously doesn’t apply to private homes and grants exemptions for smoking areas in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, tobacco shops and private clubs.

It also grants an exemption for gambling facilities — dog or horse tracks or casinos — operated under contract with the Kansas lottery. Rep. Brenda Landwehr, chairwoman of the House Health and Human Services Committee, focused on that exemption in opposing the bill, which she called “a farce,” saying its restrictions didn’t go far enough. It is a valid point that exempting state gambling facilities could be unfair to some private businesses, but it’s hard to take that argument seriously from Landwehr, who had proposed a smoking ban that was far less restrictive than the one that was passed and also forbid cities, like Lawrence, from passing any local ordinances that were more restrictive than the state law.

Others opposed the measure on the basis it would have a devastating impact on business at small bars and taverns. That fear hasn’t been borne out in Lawrence and other cities with local smoking bans. In fact, it seems likely that many such businesses are gaining more business from people who enjoy a smoke-free environment. Hopefully, those who opposed the measure will find it has little impact on their businesses and the state will soon reconsider the exemption on its own gambling properties.

Secondhand smoke is more than a bother; it’s a serious health issue. Health officials estimate that about 4,000 Kansans die each year from smoking-related disease including 300 through exposure to secondhand smoke.

The new restrictions will take effect July 1. It will be an adjustment for some Kansans, but it will be a change for the better.


kansasmutt 8 years ago

"Others opposed the measure on the basis it would have a devastating impact on business at small bars and taverns. That fear hasn’t been borne out in Lawrence and other cities with local smoking bans. In fact, it seems likely that many such businesses are gaining more business from people who enjoy a smoke-free environment. Hopefully, those who opposed the measure will find it has little impact on their businesses and the state will soon reconsider the exemption on its own gambling properties."

What rock do you live under ? Did you not see the amount of bars and eating businesses fail in the first year of the ban in Lawrence ? Have you not seen the numbers from the state on tax collections ? This is America and we have, or i should say we used to have a choice. To the writer of this editorial, you are just another lemming who has never enjoyed a free America with choice. You are a controlling person and love to be controlled all in one. You have a very shallow thinking mind. Choice is what this country used to have and you and your kind have destroyed it. Are you too stupid to read a sign that tells you (Smoking Allowed) and make your own mind up to go to another business to shop ? I feel sorry for you and your kind. You’ll never enjoy freedom like us older folks had a chance to feel years ago. Your mind can not adapt to CHOICE.

kansasmutt 8 years ago

PS: I am glad the state is working on this and not wasting time to figure out why they are broke and cut waste, cut unemployment, create jobs, feed the poor , help children , cut insurance cost , crack down on drunk drivers, bad drivers and other needed things in this bad economic time.

LastChance 8 years ago

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BorderRuffian 8 years ago

KsMutt: I wonder... I wonder if you included a devastated economy in your considerations when you made your rather angry sounding statements above? Could THAT be a factor in the number of bars and eating establishments that have failed since the smoking ban went into effect? How about the number of eating and drinking establishments that normally spring up, run their course, and fail in the first couple of years? Speaking of which - just how many bars and eating establishments DID fail since the smoking ban went into effect? And, if you wouldn't mind, having researched those who went out of business, would you give us some figures to support your insinuation that the smoking ban is the primary direct cause of these establishments demise? I, for one, would really like to be better educated about this matter.

Additionally, the author of the article above provides the following: "Secondhand smoke is more than a bother; it’s a serious health issue. Health officials estimate that about 4,000 Kansans die each year from smoking-related disease including 300 through exposure to secondhand smoke." I wonder if you or other smokers should be brought up annually on charges of murder? I wonder even further if I am the one you wish to kill?

If this is true, might some of those 4,000 people who are no longer among us be a contributing factor to the failure of the un-numbered bars and eating establishments you refered to above? I wonder which of my friends will be among that number this year?

Additionally, is it your allegation that it is somehow your (or any other smoker's) right to arbitrarily contribute to the death of some 300 non-smokers just so you can smoke and spew out your second-hand smoke wherever you please?

It is about time some of you smokers woke up to the fact that although it is your right to smoke and kill yourselves, it IS NOT your right to hold the rest of us hostage, especially under the thin guise of "putting some poor eating or drinking establishment out of business." Truthfully, I am convinced that when this ban is put into effect on a more universal basis, bar patrons will still be plentiful (they have been all through time) and eating establishments will enjoy even better popularity when their food can be appreciated without the cloud of foul smoke.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

If the ban has such a negative economic impact why is one of our better known developers opening more bars downtown?

80% of the population is non smoking. Should the majority rule?

Smoking may produce the need for Viagara.

Single Pack a day smokers spend about $1,800 a year.

It may be easy to start smoking, but quitting is a bit trickier.

In Brief:

The brain of an addicted smoker treats nicotine as if it is essential for survival.

Genetic traits may predispose some smokers to stronger addiction.

Most smokers try to quit unaided, resulting in a high failure rate.

If you smoke, no one needs to tell you how bad it is. So why haven’t you quit? Why hasn’t everyone?

Because smoking feels good. It stimulates and focuses the mind at the same time that it soothes and satisfies. The concentrated dose of nicotine in a drag off a cigarette triggers an immediate flood of dopamine and other neurochemicals that wash over the brain’s pleasure centers. Inhaling tobacco smoke is the quickest, most efficient way to get nicotine to the brain.

“I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to give it up,” said Dr. David Abrams, an addiction researcher at the National Institutes of Health. “It’s more difficult to get off nicotine than heroin or cocaine.”

Smoking “hijacks” the reward systems in the brain that drive you to seek food, water and sex, Dr. Abrams explained, driving you to seek nicotine with the same urgency. “Your brain thinks that this has to do with survival of the species,” he said.

Nicotine isn’t equally addictive for everyone. A lot of people do not smoke because they never liked it to begin with. Then there are “chippers,” who smoke occasionally but never seem to get hooked. But most people who smoke will eventually do it all day, every day."

New York Times

cowboy 8 years ago

I find it ironic to lectured about smoking by drinkers. Alcohol is the single most destructive element in our society causing illness , family destruction , deaths , yet it is the right of drinkers not to have smokers around them. Hello kettle , meet pot.

Chris Ogle 8 years ago

If I can't smoke, then I won't drink...... But what will I do with the extra cash??? Eat and then eat more.

manplanner 8 years ago

Amen to this article. Smoking is a public health issue, thus the government is using its rightful and deserved power to place reasonable restrictions on where people may smoke.

Its that simple: Take It Outside! I believe in this and I am a sometimes smoker myself.

Trouble 8 years ago

Boy, there is a lot of do gooders in Lawrence. I'm glad that I do not live or do business in Lawrence. You have your noses so high in the air how could you smell any cigarette smoke.

cowboy 8 years ago

Now if we can just close down all the bars and get rid of all the alcohol breath and drunken rude people driving home in their 5000 lb death rockets we'd be way ahead of the game .

texburgh 8 years ago

"exempting state gambling facilities could be unfair to some private businesses"

The only gambling facility exemption was for the gaming floor, not the bars and restaurants in the casinos. Unless you know of private businesses that are gambling facilities, this is not unfair to private businesses.

I do object to the exemption for the casino floor; casino workers suffer from second hand smoke just like restaurant workers.

jafs 8 years ago

I wonder about exemptions for nursing homes - aren't those folks there who don't smoke even more at risk from the second hand smoke?

generalsn 8 years ago

Many neighborhood bars here in Chicago ignore the two year old ban to stay in business. The only snitchline complaints occur when someone gets 86ed from a bar, even those that comply. This seems to indicate that these ban people are religious fanatics who never have, and never will enter a neighborhood bar.

BHannegan 8 years ago

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Matt Schwartz 8 years ago

Trouble (anonymous) says... Boy, there is a lot of do gooders in Lawrence. I'm glad that I do not live or do business in Lawrence. You have your noses so high in the air how could you smell any cigarette smoke.

noses so high in the air you can't smell the smoke....ha! i'm glad you don't live here either.....get stuffed.

BHannegan 8 years ago

Kansas newspapers, including the LJWorld, failed to alert Kansas health officials, lawmakers and the Kansas public that the famous KU smoking ban meta-analysis which had found that smoking bans cut heart attack rates 17% had been corrected three months earlier. Lead researcher Dr. David Meyers admitted that his team had goofed and Dr. Meyers published a quiet correction of his work in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The new result, an 8 percent decline, was not much different than the average yearly decline of communities without smoking bans.

BHannegan 8 years ago

Kansas bar and restaurant owners might want to consider the same legal challenge to a casino exemption that St. Louis businesses are now considering:

BHannegan 8 years ago

This legal challenge that Kansas businesses might also now take up was mentioned recently in USA Today:

tomatogrower 8 years ago

Let's face it. Smoking is an addiction. It's no different than drug addiction, except it's legal. The other legal vice is drinking, but where you can drink is regulated. You can't walk around downtown with a beer in your hand. You can't get drunk and obnoxious and go to a family restaurant or other function. You have to keep your drunk behavior in private, or you can be arrested for being drunk in public, even in a bar. You can't drink and drive.
Smoking and drinking are vices that are still legal. You just can only do it in places where it is allowed, and not subject others to your behavior. Smoking has not been banned, just in public places. Smell up your own surroundings and leave others alone.

kansasmutt 8 years ago

Dons Steak House Closed due to the ban. Heferod House closed due to drop in revenue after ban passed. I am not going to go down the whole list now. I know many businesses that revenue dropped 30 to 40% overnite and has not come back to this day. It has nothing to do with the economy as stated above from a do gooder. This was way before Sept of 2008 . I see all the simple lemmings still dont have a clue its called CHOICE. You stay to the non smoking businesse and smokers enjoy the smoking businesses, simple as that. No ban needed, no wasted time by our states leaders, just simple choice of an individual, period. I guess that is too simple for lemmings ( do gooders with controll issues ) to do. I have a rule of life to share. You dont like a smell, a stink, a type of drink, keep away from it. I have a mind that i use for myself, i dont controll others with it. I am glad to be an old school american who still has values , unlike lemming do gooders who follow others off the edge.

beatrice 8 years ago

k-mutt, I could be mistaken, but didn't Heferod House close before the ban? At any rate, it isn't a visitors issue, it is a work place issue. Values you say? Sorry to see that your "values" don't include a safe working environment for employees.

BHannegan 8 years ago

beatrice, I listened to Kansas lawmakers speak for two hours prior to their smoking ban vote. Not one showed any understanding of ETS science. One even said that air filtration, though it removes the smell of smoke, leaves carcinogens in the air. Where did she get that misinformation? OSHA studied the issue of workplace smoking for 7 years and elected not to impose a workplace smoking ban to protect nonsmokers. What makes you think Kansas lawmakers know better? Here is OSHA's ruling concerning secondhand smoke in the workplace.

kansasmutt 8 years ago

Beatrice ) are you a slow kid ? What part of choice do you and your kind ,not understand ????? You are a control freak just like the rest of the no smoking lemmings..... C H O I C E .

-adverbs optionally; at pleasure (will); either the one or the other; or at the option of; whether or not; once and for all; for one's money., by choice, by preference; in preference; rather, before.

Choice is an option and that option is open to owners and employees. Everyone in a free nation has a choice. This ban is not a choice, it is a bogus law to control others from having a choice of where to work and where to shop .If you and your kind want to control, i advise you to move to another country that is involved in communism or a dictatorship. This country was founded on choice. You have such a shallow mind, your not even evolved enough to make your own mind up to not go someplace that allows smoking. Why don’t you put your support towards something good, like feeding the homeless. . . .

I ask you and your do gooders to list 1 thing you love and enjoy in this world, 1 thing that you feel you have the right to have. Water ? Air ? Salt ? Mustard ? Car Brakes ? A Dog ? A Cat ? Plants ? After shave ? Tooth paste ? Church ? Car ? Boat ? Bath ? Coffee ? Tea ? Light Bulb ? Cell Phone ? Post what you like to have. After that i will take it away and restrict you to only do it in the area I SET for YOU. I will set the rules and i will control every aspect of it. You will have NO CHOICE in the matter, none , zilch , nota. You cant do it unless your home or outside in the area i set up for you. You cant have it anyplace but in the space i tell you to have it, or you will be fined. I control it and you. Sounds fun doesn`t it ?

kansasmutt 8 years ago

Beatrice.& do gooders ) Just another detail. Hereford house closed 2 months after the ban was put in place. It was due to the ban. The bar area was full up until the ban was enacted. It dropped off 80% in 1 week. The food service area dropped off 70% in 1 week. The small towns with No BAN in place picked up in business as much as 200% in the month following the ban enactment. Yes people will adapt to change over time, but that is not the point. Choice is the point. You and your lemmings have no right to tell me a business owner i can not smoke or let my customers smoke in my business. You have no right to tell me i have to have a smoke free business. I as an owner do have the right to refuse service to anyone i may decide. I also have the right to put up a sign stating "I Allow Smoking". This lets customers know and future employees as well. They ( future employees ) need not apply, simple choice. Customer looks at the front door ( smoking allowed ) he or she can make that choice to enter or go elsewhere to shop , drink or ? That is called CHOICE. Very simple, doesn’t cost our tax dollars to enforce, doesn’t control anyone. A non smoking entrepreneur can open a non smoking dildo store or a bar and enjoy the choice he or she decides upon. You and your kind have no right to control my business in this manor. I and many many others will fight this ban and WE WILL WIN !!!! If you can read, take a look at the OSHA report on second hand smoke as stated above If enacted ( made law ) This illegal ban will cause Kansas to have money problems like it has never seen. It also will cost many many millions in the court system. In ending i say this. For $5.00 the state could design a sign for the front doors of a business, just like the ones for concealed / carry ( guns ) and sell them to smoking businesses and even make money on the deal.They instead are wasting millions on this ban and will continue to waste millions more enforcing it and in court battles. That is wastefull and a control issue.

cowboy 8 years ago

Its inevitable that the ban will go into effect and it will have economic impact as that 20% of smokers will probably scale back the time they spend in bars / restaurants. not a huge deal for anyone involved except the establishments that have a higher percent than normal of smokers. I'm a smoker and its not a big deal at all other than I go eat and split rather than loll around for an hour having after dinner drinks or conversation. There is a large amount of BS in the figures used to justify it but it is the right thing to do with the knowledge we have today.

Restaurants and bars close simply because they are bad . Don's after Don was gone sucked , was filthy and dated. Hereford house was just in the wrong place I think , out of site out of mind. Long Horn has done very well in a visual location. The restaurants in Lawrence are absolutely sub par for the most part and I'm not surprised when any of them close.

Darrell Lea 8 years ago

"Let's face it. Smoking is an addiction. It's no different than drug addiction..."

Smoking IS drug addiction. Nicotine is a drug.

I'm all for anything that removes cigarette smoking from society as we know it. I lost my father to lung cancer caused by smoking, and have had to beat cancer twice so far myself. If we lose businesses while saving lives, so be it. Which is more important - a life or a dollar?

cowboy 8 years ago

curious how you radical anti smokers feel about alcohol , pot. The same ?

down_the_river 8 years ago

Just wait until one of the families of the 300 victims of second hand smoke in Kansas sues, then we'll see some action. Well, you know what, this has never happened in Kansas in the 25 years since second hand smoke was invented as an additional attempt to get smokers to quit. The reason being - it's simply not true. It's a theoretical suggestion that came from an anti-smoking workshop that has plausibility, but meager reality. The good doctors know this, but they're continuing to recite the script, "for your own good."

I'd like smokers to quit smoking, and I'd like crusaders to quit lying. I'm not holding my breath for either to occur.

gccs14r 8 years ago

There's new research that shows that cigarette smoke residue reacts with combustion by-products to form carcinogens that can be absorbed through the skin by simple contact.

Dan Edwards 8 years ago

@cowboy, I'm not a radical anything, but my opinion about pot smoke is the exact same as cigarette smoke--smoke of any kind is not good for anyone to inhale. It's one thing if it is your choice to put it in your lungs, but letting it waft around an enclosed space for non-smokers to inhale is where it becomes a problem for me.

I don't see the parallel to alchohol here. If someone indulges in drinking, the alcohol does not leave that person's glass and magically enter the throat of a teetotaler five feet away. So I have no problem with businesses being allowed to decide whether or not they want to serve alcohol (providing they comply with existing laws).

Like I said, if I were a smoker I would think it would be common courtesy to step outside to smoke rather than making everyone else in the place (not to mention the others at my table who aren't smokers) share my vice.

Jeremy DeBoard 8 years ago

gccs14r (anonymous) says...

"There's new research that shows that cigarette smoke residue reacts with combustion by-products to form carcinogens that can be absorbed through the skin by simple contact."

Yeah, it's being called Third Hand Smoke and I'm sure it will be the next thing for smokers to have to deal with. We're like walking chemical weapons factories.

ModSquadGal 8 years ago

Oh kansasmutt, you amuse me SO! You've got your hackles all up and you are snarling and foaming at the mouth, all because smokers are no longer allowed to endanger everybody else's health. WOW. I wonder if you'd put that kind of acrimony into your replies if you were the daughter, friend, spouse, etc. of someone who had died from emphysema or lung cancer. Someone who had seen the devastating effects of long-term smoke inhalation up close and who had him/herself been affected (health-wise as well as in other ways).

No amount of vitriol on your part (or the part of any of the smokers out there) can ever justify that smokers FORCE their drug of choice on other people (and why is it only the smokers seem to get a choice?). No other drug is allowed this special treatment. Cocaine addicts can't blow their blow up other people's noses; crack and heroin addicts can't inject other people with their drugs, etc. When smoker's exercise what they call their "right" to smoke, they take away the basic right of everyone else to not partake. Unless smokers are willing to wear old fashioned diver's bells over their heads (which is a great idea), they can't stop the smoke from travelling to other people. End of story.

Obviously more people WANT the ban than do not, or it would not continue to pass in such great numbers. It HAS been passed and it IS a reality. SMOKERS are the ones who need to buck up and take responsibility for their actions and make the sacrifice without whining and wimpering like a bunch of 4 year olds that had their favorite toy taken away.

Stuart Evans 8 years ago

This just in: Deadly and addictive activities are perfectly acceptable when the state stands to make money. Thus the exemptions to casinos and betting tracks.

What I don't understand is why this same government body can't wrap their mind around personal use marijuana laws.

kansasmutt 8 years ago

Ya still don’t get the point. CHOICE !!!!!!!! Yall gotta make everyone who smokes be outcasts and sub human. It is not just the fact you want to have every business smoke free, but you think you need to make everyone quit. Those who want, will quit in time, you are not Mom and Dad to them. Does anyone on here have a brain to decide to enter a smoking or non smoking business ????? That is the issue at hand. Who are you to tell anyone how to run a business ? I am done with your small minds, you have no mental capacity to decide yourself. I am sad to see society has evolved into lemmings and control freaks. You can not even get the point of CHOICE into your pea brains, very, very sad. See you in court down the road if our governor signs this bill, and I do not look for him to sign it now. The bill is bogus and illegal as written. The courts will decide it is totally useless and strike it down. I hope your pea brains find a way to unlemming yourselves, but that is very doubtful. CHOICE is very easy and in fact maybe the easiest thing for a human mind to react to and decide upon. Most humans use choice several thousand times a day to survive and get through the day. If you haven’t got a brain that will allow you to chose what business to enter and not enter, Ya might as well just become a rock. _________ PS :: Dons had some of the best food in Kansas. Some of the biggest sports hero’s and announcers came to Lawrence for the food at Dons. They would eat and have a big fat cigar after dinner with a few drinks. They brought many ,many tax dollars to Lawrence and employed 20 people or more.

beatrice 8 years ago

k-mutt: "I as an owner do have the right to refuse service to anyone i may decide. I also have the right to put up a sign stating "I Allow Smoking". "

Actually, as the owner of a business you absolutely do NOT have the right to refuse service to anyone you decide. Just imagine the sign on the door of your restaurant that reads "No Blacks Allowed." Think that one is going to go over well? (Not saying you would do this, of course, just using it as an example.) Regarding the "I Allow Smoking" sign, should I have the right to hang that same sign at my gas station at the pumps? How about "We serve only fish with high levels of lead poisoning," or "Our Walls are Asbestos Lined"?

No, hanging a sign doesn't give you the right to do what you wish.

Finally, if the Herfeford House closed just two months after the ban, then it wasn't because of the ban. You don't close a major restaurant after just two slow months. Basic business 101 will tell you that.

Your right to smoke ends where my lungs begin. Deal with it. You call me "slow," but at least I'm not a drug-addicted junkie who wants to push my addiction on others.

cowboy 8 years ago

bookem , there is a direct parallel between drinking and death imposed on an innocent. If you take the position that smoking is an absolute hazard you have to take the same position on alcohol. There is no in between. I have not run into smokers trying to be where they aren't supposed to be , though I'm sure they are out there. Having lost three members of my family to a drunk driver and another brother to alcohol abuse I find folks who are anti smoking , but think alcohol is OK and socially acceptable , hypocrites.

I have no complaint about smoking bans , but I get real tired of anti smokers who are drinkers and think their habit is acceptable. The old glass house ....

thefisherman 8 years ago

I would like to know how some of you smokers would respond to a person sitting down at a table next to you in a restaurant and just letting it rip with some awful, eye-watering gas. Farts so bad your nose burns. So bad, in fact, that they can cause cancer and death. Is it fair to ask you to leave, just because they felt like going out and letting rip at their pleasure?

No. Not fair. You would ask them to leave or to take it outside, or to a restroom. It is the exact same thing as asking non-smokers to leave because you feel like smoking.

I anticipate the response of many claiming you would, in fact, stop visiting said establishment if it were frequented by 'free-farters.'

I think the whole argument by smokers that non smokers should deal is just another way of saying "I have an addiction I would rather make you accommodate than work on taking care of myself."

Jeremy DeBoard 8 years ago

thefisherman (anonymous) says...

I think the whole argument by smokers that non smokers should deal is just another way of saying "I have an addiction I would rather make you accommodate than work on taking care of myself."

Have you ever had an addiction? Have you ever overheard anyone saying about you how disgusting you are or how much they hate you because you're invading their "air space" like they're air force one and you're a cesna? And this all before you even think of lighting up.

You want compassion from smokers? How about offering some of you own first. Yes, there are some a-hole smokers out there who feel it's their god given right to do as they please, but there are also a-hole non-smokers out there who don't give a lick about anything but themselves.

And for any who would like to say "Oh well you chose to smoke so deal with the criticism", that's debatable for myself as well (I'm sure) as others. Both of my parents smoked as well as most of my extended family. Once I left the nest is when I started smoking myself. Why? After eighteen years of second hand smoke I was already addicted. Still an ignorant choice to start in the first place? Absolutely.

Some of us are actually trying (and tried many many times before) to get a monkey off our backs. How about you join it.

jafs 8 years ago

Perhaps not being allowed to smoke in enclosed public places will help you quit.

There are a number of aids you can buy that are supposed to help - herbal supplements, patches, etc.

If I were a smoker and were trying to quit, I think I would take a step approach - cut down a bit, maintain that level for a little while, and then cut down a bit more. I would also try to identify what smoking was doing for me, and find other ways to do that. You could also identify "triggers" that get you smoking, and find alternative ways of dealing with them.

No intelligent person thinks it's easy, but it is possible. And once you've gotten past the physical addiction (takes a certain amount of time), it's only the psychological part that's left.

Good luck!!

jafs 8 years ago


I also grew up around heavy smokers - parents, their friends, etc. - for 18 years, but I was never addicted to cigarettes, and in fact never smoked them.

So I wonder if you're right about being addicted by 18.

Jeremy DeBoard 8 years ago

Not everyone who tries addictive substances become hooked, either. I know several now non-smokers who simply put their packs down and never picked them up again. I have also known of two people who could not stop gambling. This is an activity, but is still found to cause "addiction". One of these ended up in jail due to their habit.

As for not being in an enclosed place would help one stop smoking? Ask a recovering alcoholic if they still don't feel the pull of the bottle since they no longer go into bars. During times when I've tried to stop smoking, I find it harder to get food a grocery store for the simple fact that I know that simply going to the front counter or a certain aisle and I could get a pack, no questions. Or filling my car with gas anywhere, for that matter.

Also your example of quitting is the worse and most failed way to quit anything. If you have an addiction, cutting back is what you do when finances are tight, not when you're trying to stop completely. You cannot "taper off" an addiction.

Kyle Reed 8 years ago

"notjustyoureverydayaveragetrol (anonymous) says... good ridance to those stinky people"

They aren't banning hippies...just smoking in public buildings.

Bossa_Nova 8 years ago

this new law makes me really proud of kansas and even happier that i moved here ten years ago.

ModSquadGal 8 years ago

Kansasmutt: THE CHOICE HAS BEEN MADE. The choice is that Kansans want to eat their meals WITHOUT the side effect of inhaling smoke from inconsiderate smokers. Why don't YOU understand that? You seem to be the one having the most trouble accepting the idea that people HAVE chosen.

Roadkill_Rob 8 years ago

I've never understood why it's so hard for smokers to walk 20-30 feet and smoke outside and then walk back 20-30 feet inside and resume their meal or drink or whatever. When I smoked for 10 years, I preferred going outside to smoke anyway.

jafs 8 years ago


My thought was that not being allowed to smoke inside a restaurant, etc. might help you quit since it makes it harder to smoke - ie. you have to go outside.

Since it's such an addictive substance, I would think that a step-down approach would be easier than going cold turkey, but...

Either way, good luck with quitting.

generalsn 8 years ago

Now that a bar is a "public place", does that mean that the bartender can no longer deny entry to anyone?

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