Bill aimed at banning compounds in K2 goes to governor

? The Senate on Thursday approved a bill that makes illegal the substances in K2 that law officials say produce a marijuana-like high. The legislation now goes to Gov. Mark Parkinson, who has said he supports the ban.

State Sen. David Haley, D-Kansas City, was the only senator to vote against the bill. “I’m proud to be the Lone Ranger for civil liberties,” he said.

The bill also would make illegal a substance called trifluomethylphenyl piperazine, or TFMPP. When TFMPP is combined with benzylpiperazine, or BZP, it mimics the high of ecstasy, law authorities said. Haley said he supported that portion of the bill, but said concerns about K2 were being blown out of proportion.

Bills aimed at banning compounds in K2, which was sold as incense at a Lawrence store, shot through the Legislature earlier in the session after law authorities reported that the product was being smoked by people to get high.

A gift shop in Hutchinson started selling K2 when the Legislature started reviewing the proposed bills, according to an article in The Hutchinson News.

Don Gregg, manager of Cornerstore, told the newspaper, “I’m a businessman. I’ve never had a product that sells as well as this does.”