Random wild turkey annoying for some, enjoyable for others

A lone turkey passes through a yard in the neighborhood around 18th and Learnard streets Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010. The single bird has been spotted by several people in the area.

A wild turkey is trotting through town, a beloved sight to some and an annoyance to others.

The bird was spotted Wednesday in the 1800 block of Learnard Avenue, just three blocks east of Massachusetts Street, where neighbors said the creature was becoming bolder by the day. Andrea Williams, who lives in the area, said the bird has been around since September.

“She kind of tried to get into the back of my house. We’ve all just been feeding her. She comes around every day,” Williams said.

Williams said she and others have been putting out birdseed for the neighborhood “pet,” which leaves large footprints in the snow.

Others in the neighborhood aren’t as amused and have called Animal Control multiple times about a similar bird in the area, according to Douglas County dispatchers, including one caller who identified it as a peacock a few weeks ago. Animal Control workers have had no luck catching it.

Brad Rueschhoff, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks district biologist, said he hadn’t heard about this particular turkey sighting, but said it wouldn’t be unusual if the environment were right.

He said the birds typically travel in groups during the winter, not alone like the neighborhood’s mystery bird.