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Monday’s weather-related cancellations

February 22, 2010, 12:21 a.m. Updated February 22, 2010, 1:09 p.m.


The following events have been canceled or postponed for Monday, Feb. 22, 2010, because of inclement weather.

Sporting events

The Lawrence High School C-team boys and girls basketball games against Leavenworth HS scheduled for this evening have been canceled due to school closings in Leavenworth. No plans have been made at this time to reschedule.


McLouth, USD 342

Oskaloosa, USD 341

Perry-Lecompton, USD 343

Lansing, USD 469

If you have a closing to report, call us at 785-832-7154, or send an e-mail to

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Danielle Brunin 7 years, 12 months ago

What about the Lawrence children? Won't someone please think of the children?

themusicdiaries 7 years, 12 months ago

C'mon, school board! Do we have to have people DYING before school gets cancelled? We've got almost an inch of ice out there!!

conservative 7 years, 12 months ago

Come on people. The snow has been finished for hours and the streets have been fine all day. The only hinderance for kids getting to school tomorrow is the unshovelled sidewalks.

Curtis Lange 7 years, 12 months ago

Inch of ice out there, lol. We didn't even get .1" of ice.

Robert Rauktis 7 years, 12 months ago

Sorry, Curtis Lange, that depends on where you are in Lawrence. I had to scrape "enough" ice to put the verticle horizontal. But certainly wouldn't impede school.

kernal 7 years, 12 months ago

Really, Curtis. If you really studied weather you would know there can be fluctuations from one side of town to the other. That .25 inch of frozen precipt on my trees and rose bushes is enough to make my steep driveway a super sledding site. Or, is that sliding site? I will soon find out!

Kookamooka 7 years, 12 months ago

It was like a bad road lasagna this weekend. Rain/Snow/Freezing Rain/More Snow.

Kontum1972 7 years, 12 months ago

i got yelled at for coming to work..they had a 2 hour delay....damned if u do damned if u dont....just shoot me...!

ksarmychick 7 years, 12 months ago

notjustyoureverydayaveragetrol So because there was snow and school was not cancelled for your child, you decided to make sure your child was late to class? That is just plain RUDE, it is not the teachers or other students in the classes fault there was school today. You made sure that she would disrupt class for everyone else. Teachers are underpaid enough as it is without people like you making their job harder by bringing their kids late to school on purpose. You should act like an adult and teach your child the difference between right and wrong and set a good example. When she reaches the "real world" employess aren't going to accept this kind of behavior that you displayed, and your daughter is going to be in for a big suprise. It's not like you didn't see the snow all weekend. You should teach your child that they have personal reaponsibility. Instead of complaining about the weather and showing up late for class, you should have taught her, that you wake up earlier and plan ahead to get somewhere on time like the rest of the world. You are the perfect example of what a "bad parent" is.

Monica Miller 7 years, 12 months ago

It took me nearly an hour to clean mine off as well, then I had to get a jump because it wouldn't start. . .yet my kids, who are at 2 different Lawrence schools, made it nearly on time. And when I called to advise the school they would be a bit late, they were very understanding. It's not like it's up to the teacher's and secretaries if they have school and it's completely unfair to take it out on them!

xeroflyxerofly 7 years, 12 months ago

I cleared snow & ice off my car last night. I wanted to be at class on time today. I knew I'd have a better chance if I got started on the driveway and car yesterday.

Hop2It 7 years, 12 months ago

When I grow up I want to be a school administrator. You go to school for a bazillion years to get the privilege of being second-guessed for every minor decision. No matter what, someone, somewhere always thinks you are wrong.

classclown 7 years, 12 months ago

I had about a 1/2 inch of ice covering my car yesterday afternoon. With some snow on top of it.I cleaned it off after I finished shoveling all the snow off my driveway onto the sidewalk. There wasn't any ice to speak of on it this morning. It was mostly clean.

Christine Pennewell Davis 7 years, 12 months ago

I got lucky hubby did the cleaning off but not so lucky when I dropped off kid this am parking lot a sheet of ice not treated the sidewalks also a sheet of ice and not treated. It is simple if the kids and teachers have to go to school then at least make it safe to be there.

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