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Marines link up in Taliban stronghold

February 17, 2010


— Marines moving by land from the north linked up with U.S. units that have faced nearly constant Taliban attack in the four days since they were dropped by helicopter into this insurgent stronghold in southern Afghanistan.

Also Tuesday, U.S. artillery fired nonlethal smoke rounds to disperse Taliban fighters in Marjah — the first time cannons have been used in the fight to drive the militants from their logistical and opium poppy-smuggling base. Commanders refused a Marine request to fire deadly high-explosive rounds because the unit on the ground could not be sure civilians weren’t at risk.


kansasredlegs 8 years, 3 months ago

What's next? A trebuchet loaded with water balloons? I'm sure the commanders who refused to grant a request for HE rounds downrange for enemy combants would have had a different response if he were there with the Marines looking at the enemy instead of sitting in some TOC, drinking coffee and playing war games.

Now that the Taliban know that we won't kill them with noncombatants nearby, what do you think the will do now? I hope they brought their swimsuits for all those water balloons!!!

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