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KU’s Self: Bob Knight not right this time

Texas Tech's coach Bob Knight, left, talks with KU's coach Bill Self before a Jan. 2006 game between Kansas and Texas Tech.

Texas Tech's coach Bob Knight, left, talks with KU's coach Bill Self before a Jan. 2006 game between Kansas and Texas Tech.

February 17, 2010


Hall of Famer Bob Knight, the winningest coach in college basketball history, angered some Kansas University fans Monday when he said senior Sherron Collins ought to be benched to start the second half of the KU-Texas A&M; game.

Jayhawk coach Bill Self kept his cool when asked about Knight’s ESPN color commentary on Tuesday’s Hawk Talk radio show.

“Well, I think coach Knight is very, very wise obviously in winning games and having a great mind,” Self said. “To be honest, we were not trying to just win the game. We’re trying to win over time.

“I don’t believe in showing guys you don’t have faith in them when things are not going well when they’ve delivered over and over for you. I’d never do that. That wouldn’t be good for our team at all.”

Collins had three points off 0-of-3 shooting and 3-of-4 free throwing with three turnovers and no assists while playing 16 minutes in the first half of KU’s 59-54 victory over the Aggies.

He finished with seven points off 2-of-9 shooting with five turnovers and one assist in 35 minutes.

“If a player has done something from an effort standpoint or playing selfishly standpoint, that’s totally different than benching a guy because he’s not making plays that particular game,” Self said, noting that wasn’t the case with Collins, who is known for giving all-out effort at all times.

“If you know you are going to play him the last five minutes, why wouldn’t you want him out there before then?” Self asked.

Collins in the past eight games has hit 32-of-99 shots for 32.3 percent. He’s made 10-of-42 threes for 24 percent. Junior Brady Morningstar in the past five games has hit six of 22 shots for 27.3 percent, including three of 10 threes for 30 percent.

“I believe it’s going in when it leaves his (Morningstar’s) hand, same with Sherron,” Self said. “Those two haven’t been able to make shots consistently of late. It’ll open up the offense when they are able to do that.”

Proud papa

Sherron Collins indicated on his Facebook page that he’s proud papa of baby daughter, Sharee’ Collins, who was born earlier this week in Chicago. Collins on Tuesday received permission from KU coach Bill Self to return to the Windy City to visit the newest member of his family. Collins also has a son, Sherr’mari, who turns 3 in April.

The Jayhawks, who were rewarded a day off after returning to Lawrence about 3 a.m., Tuesday, were to return to practice today.

A week ago, Self gave the team two days off after a Big Monday victory over Texas. He thought the two-day layoff had something to do with the Jayhawks being stale in Saturday’s win over Iowa State.

KU will meet Colorado at 3 p.m. Saturday in Allen Fieldhouse.

Victories record

Collins, who has a career record of 122-16, on Saturday can tie Raef LaFrentz, Billy Thomas and C.B. McGrath (1995-98) as the player with the best four-year record in KU history (123 victories). Brady Morningstar has also played for KU in this historic four-year span, red-shirting in 2007-08.

Upon further review

Self said KU played well in outlasting A&M; in a low-scoring, physical Big 12 slugfest.

“Watching the game going on live, I thought we were playing so poorly,” Self said. “I watched the tape ... we didn’t play that badly. We missed shots (while hitting just 43.5 percent overall, 1-of-10 from three; to A&M;’s 34.9 percent, 5-of-21 from three). The thing we did poorly was rebound. We took care of the basketball, got it where we wanted it to go for the most part, got to the line. We just didn’t rebound. The last five minutes, we really controlled the game.”

KU was outrebounded, 41-33, but committed just 11 turnovers to A&M;’s 13. KU hit 18-of-26 free throws to the Aggies’ 5-of-11.

Garth’s a good guy

Self said on Hawk Talk that upon returning from Texas A&M;, he finally had a chance to read Garth Brooks’ surprise tribute to Self that appeared in Saturday’s Journal-World.

Country music sensation Brooks lived with Self at the Iba Hall athletic dorm during their college days at Oklahoma State University. Brooks, who was on partial track scholarship, graduated in 1984; Self in ’85.

“He’s a class guy, always has been,” Self said of Brooks. “In college, we based everything on Wednesday night when we’d all gather and go listen to him (at Willie’s Saloon). A buddy of ours printed our own T-shirts. As a joke we wore ‘Garth Brooks World Tour’ T-shirts. He was so loyal to that group. When he made it, that company was the one he signed with to do his T-shirts. He really is a nice guy. And he was a pretty good athlete.”

Would Brooks ever perform the national anthem at a KU game?

“I don’t think we can pull that one off. Maybe if the price was right, he’d do it,” Self joked.


Lee Eldridge 8 years ago

Bob Knight is AWFUL for ESPN. One of the worst I've ever heard to color for college basketball games. And Musburger is just about as bad.

Uhjh 8 years ago

It’s Bob Knight’s opinion to bench Collins not what a good coach needs to do. Each coach has his own approach/philosophy about coaching and I will take Bill Self’s over Bob’s. I noticed he didn’t say well here is where I’d choke the kid or now is the time to throw something like a chair.

jaywalker 8 years ago

"Bob Knight is AWFUL for ESPN. One of the worst I've ever heard to color for college basketball games"

That comment is AWFUL for anyone that really knows sports. One of the worst I"ve ever read. You migh not like his past history, but the man is easily the best color man college basketball has ever had, in my opinion.

puddleglum 8 years ago

nothing wrong with bob knight's opinions...they are his opinions,after all.

I enjoy the commentary from coach Knight-he knows what he is talking about and really does a dynamite job of breaking down looks and offers strategies... way better than the "give it to the hot hand" or "anything you can do, I can do better" crap that comes out of other color operators.

puddleglum 8 years ago

It might be cooler if brent muskberger and Coach Knight were sipping whiskey. that could get REAL cool.

Jim Williamson 8 years ago

Bob Knight is an absolute trainwreck as a commentator. He's also probably the only coach who had an ego big enough to sit an all-American like a Landon Turner or Isaia Thomas and think he's teaching the kid something. I will also contend that Knight would willingly tank a game in December or early January just so he could "prove" to his players that they weren't as good as they thought they were.

Musburger's lack of knowledge about the Big 12 also makes me want to punch a baby.

ESPN really needs to bring back Ron Franklin and either Sundvold or Fraschilla. At least they took the time and energy to not only learn the conference but promote it, as well.

cg1029 8 years ago

For the record I thought that Bob Knight would be a fantastic announcer, I was wrong…

One of the best??? Really? Really? Anyone that defends these two has no clue about sports. What game have you been watching? Bob and Brent are horrible... They consistently call players the wrong name, offer absolutely no insight into the game, and routinely are wrong when making what should be a statement of fact "Look Brent they are playing a zone!" Not sure when man - man became a zone but ok Bob. I would rather have Billy Packer and his East Coast Bias back on air before listening to this crap.

BrianR 8 years ago

Why should fans be angry, as other have pointed out, Bob is entitled to his opinion. However, Bill is the coach so it matters not what Bob thinks.

rhd99 8 years ago

Bill Self, in this case, clearly demonstrates he has more class than BOBBY KNIGHT ever will. I don't care how many wins Knight has, he is not calling the shots at KU. Bill Self is. Way to go, Bill Self. You are truly a class act.

reserveseating 8 years ago

Id listen to Bob Knight over 100 year old Vitale anyday. It wasnt just Collins who had a poor showing this past game, how about the phenom Henry who couldnt make a basket to save his skin and trying to drive into 3 defenders with 2 wide open on the wing. I have to give a little props to Taylor who didnt turn the ball over that much. I'm glad Self kept Collins in even though he hit a rough patch.

WilburM 8 years ago

Disagree with Knight for his Collins' opinion, but get serious when you trash his abilities as an analyst. He sees the game with the eye of a truly smart coach, and he doesn't have much filter between what he sees and what he says. Sometimes he's off, but by and large his observations make the game more enjoyable and more understandable. And lots of times, he's dead on, as when he noted late in the game that Sherron should be moving the ball up a little more quickly to get into the offensive rhythm. 20 seconds later, KU turns it over on a shot-clock violation. What other analyst would have seen that coming (and mentioned it in the moment)?

parrothead8 8 years ago

I think Bob Knight is a great commentator. He points out things most people aren't going to catch. Very insightful dude.

That being said, although he is entitled to his opinion, he was wrong about benching Collins. Knight forgot one thing: a good coach knows his players. If Knight had been coaching Collins for the last few years, he would have known that Sherron is his own toughest critic. He knows when he needs to step it up, and benching him won't be the answer. For some guys, it is, but not for Collins.

truman1902 8 years ago

Gimme Bob ANY day over Dickie V or the hype-laden cliches that emit from Bill Raftery at the END of each play..We're #1, folks. That target on our backs is just gonna get larger with more W's as the days go by. A&M lost this contest with rushed shots, just as Bob Knight spoke during the last 5 minutes. Bob calls the actual GAME, and not a travelogue of endless stories & human interest factoids that infect the majority of ESPN's desk staff, while the viewer is left to wonder about why the whistle was blown, and the number of fouls on each player.

jaywalker 8 years ago

"So, he can fool people into thinking he is a great coach. Too me, he is basketball's Pete Rose"

Briiiiiliant analysis, babboy. One of the greatest coaches of all time, and that's a consensus opinion from all who actually know basketball--- and people are merely "thinking" he was a great coach?! Sorry, 900 wins pretty much makes you look like a fool right there. And then you liken him to Pete Rose as if that's some sort of degradation?! Never liked either of their egos, but they're both in the top 5 all time for their respective professions. That may be the dumbest overall post of the day, babboy, time will tell.

And by the way, 4 years of varsity basketball, 10 years of coaching, couple reffing. Pretend that pal.

mom_of_three 8 years ago

Didn't play college or high school ball, but have watched a high number of KU games over the past 25 years and call tell a thing about commentators and refs.
I like listening to Bob Knight, although he had a lovefest with A&M. He does see things that other commentators don't. Musberger isn't that great for basketball. On the other hand, I mute Franklin and Franschilla every time they are on. Talk about everything but the game they are watching and then the names and the plays are wrong. Coach Knight looks at replays and will tell you what he thinks. No hype or excitement. Love Knight as a commentator. Dickie V gets too excited, and Packer gets names wrong. I muted Rafferty the other night. Anyone but Coach KNight likes to hear themselves talk and frankly, it gets old. I think Stacey King was a good commentator, but the guy on ESPN U who played for DePaul was AWFUL.
Knight can have his own opinions about who he would play and why,but so does all commentators. You can look at Coach KNight and feel that he wouldn't tell you anything but his honest opinion

drnater 8 years ago

Babboy it seems like you just dont like Bob Knight period, so your view of him would be tainted. I dont know if you realize this, but its not the 70's, 80's, or 90's anymore. You also almost hit it on the head when you said and i'll capitolize this, YOUNG Bob Knight isnt the same person he is now, he's grown quite older and has learned to enjoy the game now. Also since he's not coaching anymore he doesnt have to worry about the refs like he did when he was. Now he can sit in his chair and for once not have to worry about what "His" team is doing, but how the teams he's watching are doing. Your harsh criticism of one of the greatest coaches in college basketball seams childish and unwarranted at best. These below dont look like the achievements of a "jerk. He rambles on about this and that. He knows how to talk to talk. So, he can fool people into thinking he is a great coach. Too me, he is basketball's Pete Rose."

Bob Knight (902-371 .708)-1 Olympic Gold Medal, 3 National Championships, 1 NIT Championship, 5 Final Four Championships, 1 undefeated season for aformentioned national championships, 11 Big 10 Conference Championships (i'll add this cuz it stated it, none of his teams have ever been sanctioned by the NCAA for recruiting violations)

Being a K-state fan im surprised you even brought up the hitting and choking of the player(s), since Frank Martin himself back handed a player earlier this season on national tv of all places.

Tyson Travis 8 years ago

There are two sides to being a coach, one is the mastery of the X's and O's and how the plays are supposed to work, and the other is the human side, how to interface with players, referees, fans, etc. Bobby is a good example of the former, and a poor example of the latter. HCBS is a class act and knows both sides, he knows best when to sit a player and when to put him back in. Let Bobby confine his comments to the first side on-air, let Bill manage BOTH sides, as he's certainly capable. Rock Chalk!

Robert Rauktis 8 years ago

"So, he can fool people into thinking he is a great coach."

I think they're fooled by his 902 victories.

Jhawkwife 8 years ago

Exactly SFBayhawk and mom of three.... 902 victories for Bob Knight pretty much says he's a great coach...whether or not you like him as a coach, you have to respect what he did from a winning situation. Like others on here...I'd take Knight over most of the commentators. He doesn't go on tangents about this and that, he sticks to the game. Babboy your comments seem like he's still coaching...he's commentating now, and is doing a fine job.

Jim Hoffman 8 years ago

knight was just giving his opinion... i dont quite understand what it would accomplish..

i wasnt concerned about Sherron's shooting.. guys will have off nights..

what continues to concern me is that for an experienced senior all-american point guard, Sherron is just making too many bad decisions in the ballhandling and passing area that concern me... yes, I love his desire and his clutch play.... but i was looking for more of what Ty Lawson gave Carolina last year- total confidence when he had the ball in his hands.

KU overall needs to cut down on sloppy passing and ballhandling come March if they want to win it all again.

WilburM 8 years ago

Knight's players almost all graduated. They almost all had good relations with him (and continued to have, long after they left college). Knight never, to my knowledge was accused of cheating in the recruitment process. And he could coach. And had a temper and was not often pleasant, especially in the media. On balance, a good coach, a good commentator. Whether you'd be his best buddy may be a different question.

Mandie Eutsler 8 years ago

I have to side with the coach who's team in currently 25-1, and undefeated in conference play. One of the top two conferences in the nation, lets not forget that.

drnater 8 years ago

No, he wasnt WilburM, I stated that in my rundown of Bob Knights achievements on my post.

TopJayhawk 8 years ago

Bob is a good color commentater,. Musberger is bad. and although point well taken grandma, TAMU is not at the bottom ot the league, they are in third place. And puddles, I agree with you as well.

Joe Hyde 8 years ago

Happiness 1 = Watching KU basketball on live TV with the speakers muted, while listening to Bob Davis and Chris Piper broadcast the game on live radio.

Happiness 1A = Watching delayed broadcast replays of KU home games on Sunflower Channel 6 with the TV speakers on, and Greg Gurley and Kevin Romary doing play-by-play.

I'll take these four guys over the major network announcers any day of the week.

WilburM 8 years ago

From someone with real experience (and a woman) with Bobby Knight at Indiana:

I took Bob Knight’s last basketball coaching class at Indiana University. As a college athlete who went on to work as a sports reporter for the Dallas Morning News and St. Petersburg Times, I’ve heard my fair share of comments, both pro and anti-Knight. You may not like what Knight has to say, but you always knows where he stands and there is something to be said for that.

Many sports reporters aren’t willing to take a stance, for fear of repercussions. As reporters there is a growing culture to be fearful of free speech, even if we are supposed to be the protectors of it.

I don’t agree with all of Coach Knight’s methodology, but speaking from personal experience he has a lot more to offer than some give him credit.

After taking his coaching basketball class, he offered to give all the A-students a coaching recommendation. I received an A but didn’t want to coach college hoops, so I asked Coach Knight to come talk to IU’s rowing team I was on. He told me “I don’t know anything about rowing, but I know about winning.” It was an amazing pep talk, and a great experience. (I wrote about the experience for the Dallas Morning News after Knight was fired from IU. See the scanned clip under my sports heading on

mom_of_three 8 years ago

edjayhawk - everyone has their own opinions, and evidently, many of us think Bob Knight is a good commentator. What makes you such an authority to think that our opinion is wrong?

And yes, riverrat, I would take Bob and Chris anyday over the tv announcers. But of all the tv announcers on national tv, I would take Bob Knight and Stacy King over most of them. I even mute Franklin and Franchilla when I watch non-KU games.

mom_of_three 8 years ago

Edjayhawk - I agree with you - I think vitale's schtick is getting old. I agree thta Knight can break the game down like anyone.

But Bob Knight is good.

rgh 8 years ago

Bobby was simply trying to make the point that Sherron was hurting the team more than helping at that particular point. It was coming from his point of view and not really trying to tell Self what to do. He has way toooo much respect for Bill Self to have made that as a serious thought. It was for the fans, not Bill.

I'll take his insight of loud mouth and east coast bias Dick Vitale and Vitale wanna be, Bill Raftery with his silly voice influctions. Just call the game already! I couldn't stand Bobby Knight as a coach and was standing and booing years ago when KU played Indiana at Kemper, but I really like his down to earth analysis as a color commentator.

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