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State committee considering applying sales tax to residential utility bills

February 16, 2010


— A Kansas House committee has been asked to reject a plan to impose the state’s sales tax on residential utility bills.

The House Taxation Committee wrapped up testimony Tuesday on a bill to eliminate exemptions to the 5.3 percent sales tax. The measure would raise $182 million to help close a budget shortfall.

Most of the money raised would come from eliminating a sales tax exemption on residential water, electric and natural gas bills.

But David Springe (Sprin-GHEE’), chief attorney for a state agency representing residential customers, says utility customers already are hurting and angry.

Joe Dick, a lobbyist for the Board of Public Utilities in Kansas City, Kan., says many of its customers already are struggling to pay their bills.


somedude20 8 years, 2 months ago

be like the cell phone companies and charge to get (see) your bill, charge to pay your bill, then jack-up the prices even more than you did last year, year before that, year before that, the year before that.....

Thanks to Dick/Springe for not standing on the little (soon to be poorer) guy

ksarmychick 8 years, 2 months ago

They should just tax churches and the KU athletic program that serves no academic purpose. This would help with the budget problems. I see all of these massive churches being put up, and if they can afford to bulid these nice several bulding houses of worship, they should do thier part and pay taxes accordingly. After all, they do seem to have massive amounts of money to maintain these buildings.

Shane Garrett 8 years, 2 months ago

Ksarmychick: Churches do not have massive amounts of money. The money they do have comes in the form of contributions to a house of worship by those who attend the Sunday services. Those individual contributions are a tax write off for those who make the contributions. So how does one tax a non-profit organization? Please explain just who "they" are that should do "thier" part and pay taxes accordingly.

Shane Garrett 8 years, 2 months ago

Has anybody looked at their utility bills? I think I see a City sales tax of 1.55% and a County sales tax of 1%. I am not sure why Black hills is charging for the following TLA's WNA, APR, PGA and the following 4-letter acronyms AVTS and GSRS Plus a Franchise Fee.

Stuart Evans 8 years, 2 months ago

I agree KSarmychick. I recently took a drive down south to Texas, and all along the way are massive churches, each one more ornate than the next. and all along the way, there were even more being built. WWJD if he were real? he wouldn't be building massive buildings that show off the tax free wealth that is funneled through these organizations.

How about these super churches that the evangelicals build. The Crystal Cathedral in LA.. don't even tell me that is all about worshipping a god. Or Ted Haggards place in Colorado, or Joel Olsteins little spot in Texas. These are the people swimming in cash, and living tax free.

If they were truly servants of god and intended to use tax free money (every penny) to help others, that would be great. But they are flaunting their wealth, and those of us who see through their bs have to cover their share.

ksarmychick 8 years, 2 months ago

The church of off the farmers turnpike and k-10, right off of I-70 comes to mind. How many buildings/property do they own? I could understand a small room for the service to be held in...but come on get real, if a "not for profit" church has that much money, they should be taxed. Just think how much tax income would be brought in if they had to pay property tax on their multi million dollar churches.

Alexander Neighbors 8 years, 2 months ago

yes Charge a tax on everything. Including Dating, being single, condoms, the pill, more tax on tax, hell at this point Kansas should just start printing its own money.

Shane Garrett 8 years, 2 months ago

I am not sure the Church service I attended in Las Vegas counts as a mega church. But it did have its own band, a lead female singer, three large projection screens, a jeans wearing preacher, and a message that was uplifting. They had three service times, (and I noticed they passed the collections bags more than once as they had a special collection.) and after the show one could shop for books, tapes, t-shirs and more at the book store, get coffee at the coffee shop, pick up the kids from the childrens play area, ect. It was much different than say the United Methodist church services I have attended. While in Fort Worth, Texas over at Springtown, the neighbors had a compound. Yes it was Joel Oestine's complete with helicoptors and aeroplanes. But, Texas is a big state and sometimes driving is not an option. So if people feel the need to give to the church of their choice who among us is to say it is wrong?! Is it not within the human experience to purchase ones way to heaven? Does one not have to purchase a drum to beat? Is it better for the followers to stand in the rain or praise be given under Gods roof? Did not even Soloman built great temples unto God? Have not the Inca built great structures that have withstood the testiment of time? Who among us should say what should and should not be done by the powers that be? So sayth the great OZ!

Jcjayhawk1 8 years, 2 months ago

The Catholic church is one of the most charitable institutions in the world. Their contribution to society is that of service. St. John's for instance makes their budget available to the parish. Fr. John does a great job keeping transparency. Should you doubt the integrity of St. John's or any other parish you might be able to find the information just by asking.

Secondly, aren't all non-for profits required to make their financial records public?

Giving non-profits like St. Johns the tax break allows them to operate a school, persue charitable endeavors, and a provide a place of worship.

Budget cuts can be made to help the just takes legislators that aren't spineless and disconnected from reality and society.

K2 legislation is being moved quickly. I mean fast.. compared to other proposals of more significance. The powers that be need to focus their attention and efforts to education and jobs.

parrothead8 8 years, 2 months ago

barrypenders (Anonymous) says… There should just not be so many people that cannot pay for themselves.

Okay, that's a good sentiment. Now what's your plan for accomplishing it?

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