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KU alerts students to armed robbery near student recreation center

February 16, 2010, 8:17 p.m. Updated February 17, 2010, 12:00 a.m.


A report of an armed robbery near Kansas University’s Student Recreation Center on Tuesday night prompted the university to send out an alert to its students and staff warning them to stay away from the area.

The robbery was reported about 7:45 p.m. and KU sent its alert a few minutes after 8 p.m. The Student Recreation Fitness Center is on the south side of the KU campus, along 18th Street between Arkansas and Alabama streets. The robbery reportedly occurred in an alley in the 1800 block of Arkansas Street.

According to KU, Lawrence police are leading the investigation. KU officials described two suspects in the case as being white men. The first suspect was described as 5-foot-9, 150 to 190 pounds and wearing black puffy jacket. He had a revolver.

The second suspect was wearing a dark shirt-jacket, possibly a hoodie, and wore a baseball cap under his hood.

According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Damon Thomas, the suspects demanded the victim’s belongings, including a cell phone and iPod that were later found at the scene. One of the suspects reportedly punched the victim, a 31-year-old male KU graduate student, during the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lawrence police.


audibleangel 8 years ago

this probably explains the two men who asked eachother "should we rob him?" when my boyfriend walked back from the 19th st kwikshop 30 mins ago....... STREETLIGHTS PLEASE?

JayhawkAlum03 8 years ago

They were initially telling people not to leave the rec center. From what I've been told, sounds like people were allowed to leave, but they are closing down.

MarchSadness 8 years ago

Hey LJW, to help narrow your giant range of streets of Naismith to Louisiana, it happened off 19th in the alley between Missouri and Arkansas.

croutons 8 years ago

Apparently the word is out that the region surrounding the campus is easy pickin's. The thugs are coming in droves from Topeka, KC and Wichita upon hearing about the spoils to be had and the complete failure of the local law enforcement to put a stop to it. Not that it's their fault. Six people patrolling a city of nearly 100k at any given time is going to be ineffective against these sorts of attacks.

croutons 8 years ago

On another note, I must commend the university's decision to put up those "No weapons allowed" stickers all over campus. That whole program probably cost the university five figures and the end result is a campus littered with stupid stickers that nobody who would bring a gun on campus would heed in the first place. Brilliant!

infidel 8 years ago

What a perfect example of why trained citizens should be allowed to conceal carry on campus. Crime such as this might be reconsidered by those that think they can get away with it. It may also lower the number of campus shootings, much the same way as crime stats have lowered since many states have started letting people conceal carry.

audibleangel 8 years ago

croutons was left in the oven a lil too long, baaaaked to a crisp. how could our precious lawrence babies ever commit any crime?!? (who says they're out of town thugs?)

audibleangel 8 years ago

just love how much credit in-townies get on these forums regarding ANY robbery... people are selfish, sick and stupid everywhere. can't tell you how many times i've had things stolen by homegrown lawrencians.

gsxr600 8 years ago

There are more than 6 officers on patrol at once... just saying.

Michael Rowland 8 years ago

It was so nice of them to email me 15 minutes after the fact, just as I get off campus walking home after teaching labs tonight. Made the walk home through the dimly lit neighborhood so very interesting.

Can someone tell me why there aren't many streetlights (or lines on the road, but that's a different issue), but money for hybrid buses?

thebigspoon 8 years ago

Agree w/audio--it's too easy to blame out of town elements for these kinds of things. Hiding one'shead in the sand will not obviate the fact that there is crime committed here by folks from here, and no amount of wishin' and hopin' will change that.

That being said, i would be great if here were a way to make the kids understand that safety does indeed lie in numbers and that they would have a far lesser chance of violence to themselves if they'd simply travel in "packs". Please be aware, kids and other citizens, that criminals are cowards and will generally leave crowds alone.

insideoutgirl 8 years ago

I am guessing that they did not email you for 15 mins because it is not like guys who mug you usually leave your cell phone and tell you to call the police right away.

I am sure that KU alerts you as quickly as possible.

BlackVelvet 8 years ago

"What a perfect example of why trained citizens should be allowed to conceal carry on campus."

That'll never happen. Retired cops can't even carry on campus.

insideoutgirl 8 years ago


2 points:

If we all got done with classes or work at the same time as people we know, sure, we would travel in packs. It does not work that way. This is not high school.

What would be great is if you could possibly refrain from calling adults "kids". The person who got mugged is in his 30s. I found that comment very condescending.

DillonBarnes 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Michael Rowland 8 years ago

Sorry, just complaining because I was just entering the dimly lit neighborhood, alone, on foot just as I got the message. Should be complaining to Lawrence for not having better lighting!

Boeing 8 years ago

Gadhelyn - because with hybrid busses, the city can say "hey, look at us, we're leading the pack in green technology!" They can't do that with street lights...those just take common sense and could serve some purpose.

DillonBarnes 8 years ago

Ok, not sure how I violated the usage agreement but I'll try again.

I believe allowing concealed carry on campus will help reduce the rate of crimes in the area. Here is a link with more information.

Is that better ljworld?

Tristan Moody 8 years ago


Ok, I just implied you were stupid in a different article. I'll say it outright here. If you think this has anything to do with who is in the white house, you are just plain stupid.

Sean Livingstone 8 years ago

hey Gadhelyn and Boeing, brighter street lightings will not reduce the chances of getting robbed. It's the number of people on the street. Have you ever seen people getting robbed in broad day light? The key words are "deserted" or "alone".... as for the hybrid buses.... hey.... it's one of the many paths towards energy independence. It's a small step....

Michael Rowland 8 years ago

But having a properly lit street gives you some warning of who's walking along the street with you. It also lets those who get robbed (or whatnot) get a better view of what's going on. And it allows people who may be a small distance away or in the houses to see what's going on too. And it'd just be safer overall, crime or no crime.

Michael Rowland 8 years ago

Oh, and sorry for double posting, but I think the first steps towards "yay energy independence!" is to combine the systems, make it free to ride (And don't tell me it can't be done, Chapel Hill, NC, has a system administered by UNC, paid for by both town budget and student fees), and optimize the routes to make it more appealing for more people to take the bus. That reduces the number of cars on the road, and leads to less use of gas. There's an appropriate first step towards energy independence.

akuna 8 years ago

Wow lawrenceguy40 you sure are make the rounds tonight with your kookiness.

Graczyk 8 years ago

Lawrenceguy40 = Barry Penders = useless

backyardwino 8 years ago

I was told not to feed the trolls, sorry.

b_asinbeer 8 years ago

"But no, in today's liberal panacea, a guy can remain a graduate student living off the rest of society until it's time to retire."

Trust me, they can't remain a grad student until it's time to retire. Most graduate schools have policies that prohibit grad students from staying longer than a certain number of years.

And by the way, quite a few grad students don't get paid by the gov't. Many have private funding.

codeman321 8 years ago

Infidel: "What a perfect example of why trained citizens should be allowed to conceal carry on campus."

MichaelJ: “That'll never happen. Retired cops can't even carry on campus.”

I ask why not? There are several schools across the US that allow citizens (read: students, teachers, etc.) with concealed carry permits, who can already carry most everywhere else, to carry concealed on campus also.

Check out Colorado State University, ALL public Universities in Utah, Michigan State University and Blue Ridge Community College (in Virginia – which has had legal concealed carry since 1995) to name a few. No school shootings there where the students can fight back.

Banning firearms on campus only prevents those who abide by the law (and therefore would not rob someone at gun point) from having a means to protect themselves and others around them...

p.s. I'd love to know when KU will take down the advisory to avoid the area around the rec center/ take precautions if they must be in that part of Lawrence. Um hello, campus is open people have to be in that part of Lawrence to go to class...

Graczyk 8 years ago

"Check out Colorado State University, ALL public Universities in Utah, Michigan State University and Blue Ridge Community College (in Virginia – which has had legal concealed carry since 1995) to name a few. No school shootings there where the students can fight back."

How many schools don't have concealed carry and haven't had a campus shooting? I'll bet it is many more than the number of schools that have concealed carry. Stating that concealed carry stops campus shootings is elephant repellent logic.

somedude20 8 years ago

seems like the blotter is chalk full of violence today wonder if it has anything to do with drunks and mardi gras. hey kansas legislature, you banned lighters, k2, have to wear seatbelts, no sex after, you should ban mardi gras as it is killing our youth

Kontum1972 8 years ago

wanna catch them send out a decoy ...when it occurs blow them away...esp if they packing, these are criminals waste them, quit being a nice guy. I miss Charles Bronson.

codeman321 8 years ago

Good point Graczyk - It is not possible to imply causality while looking at correlations. I do believe allowing concealed carry on campus would/does reduce the likelihood of a shooting - but that is just my opinion.

I also agree that there is (probably) no statistical significance in regard to school shootings because of the, in my opinion, unfortunately low numbers of schools that allow concealed carry. I believe there is a very strong positive correlation between mass shootings and alleged "gun free zones" but that is not the point here... [Sorry, I got off-topic]

At any rate, my point was in response to MichaelJ – that it is possible (and perfectly safe) to allow those who are already licensed to carry concealed firearms to also be able to carry on campus. I was using the other schools as and example that there are other schools out there that DO allow concealed carry and they seem to be doing so safely...

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