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25 years ago: School board trims lawyer from negotiating team

February 5, 2010


The U.S. attorney’s office in Kansas had filed 25 recent complaints against people who had failed to repay all or part of their student loans. There was no indication of how many Kansas University people might be affected.

Federal budget director David Stockman, citing problem spots in President Reagan’s budget, was challenging a skeptical Congess to try to devise a fairer plan it could live with.

In a departure from the strategy of the past 14 years, the Lawrence school board trimmed its negotiating team to three members and said it would no longer use a local attorney as its chief negotiator. Insteady of paying attorney Jack Brand as chief negotiator, Supt. Dan Neuenswander was to be the board spokesman. Bill Wilson and Bob Palmateer were to be the other two board delegates.

George Gipp, head of Haskell Indian Junior College, said he saw federal budget reductions that were sure to have harmful repercussions for Haskell.


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