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Style scout: Margaret Perkins-McGuinness

February 4, 2010


Margaret Perkins-McGuinness.

Margaret Perkins-McGuinness.

Margaret Perkins-McGuinness

Age: 29.
Sign: Aquarius.
Time in Lawrence: 20 years.
Hometown: Lawrence is where my heart is.
Occupation: Director of museum advancement at the Spencer Museum of Art.

What were you doing when scouted: Celebrating my 29th birthday with family and friends at Pachamama’s.

How would you describe your style: I like to incorporate a little bit of “What was she thinking?” into every outfit. I love bold colors and big patterns, although I do have about 30 solid black dresses in my wardrobe. I am also drawn to pieces with architectural or sculptural elements that add something unexpected.

Who are your fashion influences: I love the revival of mid-’90s Betsey Johnson shapes and patterns. I notice that I tend to find inspiration in the eclectic fashion sense and nonsense of other Aquarians. Occasionally I wear suits or ties as an homage to Diane Keaton’s enduring “Annie Hall” look.

What are your favorite fashion trends: I really love patterned tights with skirts and dresses. And I love Dr. Martens eight-eye boots in playful colors and patterns.

What are your least favorite fashion trends: I am not a big fan of free T-shirts that advertise things. I don’t wear sandwich boards either, for that matter.

What would you like to see more of in Lawrence: I love seeing people of all ages at art exhibitions, events and openings. The more the better!

What would you like to see less of in Lawrence: Right now I would like to see less gray slush on the sidewalks.

People say I look like: Usually Kristin (Davis) from “Sex and the City.”

Tell us a secret: Cat Stevens in 1973. That’s the whole secret.

Dress: H&M;, purchased in Washington D.C. last summer.
Jacket: Free People, purchased from in December.
Boots: 80%20, purchased from in December.
Tights: Betsey Johnson, purchased last summer.
Necklace: BFF Necklace by Kylie Grater of Early Jewelry, purchased in December.


K_Verses_The_World 8 years, 4 months ago

Don't know which one is worse, Doing your own thing or just being cool.

Bob Dylan - Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking

Bassetlover 8 years, 4 months ago

Great to see your electic style highlighted, MPM! Though I really regret the photographer didn't catch you wearing your school-bus-yellow tights that day. And thank you for not saying you would like to see less Republicans in Lawrence!

ilovelucy 8 years, 4 months ago

I'm really surprised she didn't mention that! :-D

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