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25 years ago: Proposed student financial aid cut concerns administrators

February 4, 2010


Kansas University administrators said some students would be forced out of college by President Reagan’s proposal to cut by 27 percent the funding for federal student financial aid programs. Chancellor Gene Budig said the potential $2.3 billion cut could become “a tragedy” for many in Kansas.

Meanwhile, both Republican and Democratic congressional leaders were delivering a united verdict to President Reagan: his $974 billion budget contained too large an increase in defense spending to be politcally acceptable on Capitol Hill.

Citing pressure from Reagan Administration budget-cutters to trim costs, Amtrak had ceased to man the local rail passenger station. The trains were to continue to stop here but no personnel were to be on the job. It was a plan due to affect some 500 stations across the nation.

There was a welcome warming trend on the local docket despite new snows, with temperatures due to rise into the uppr 30s or even low 40s to help melt the persistent snow cover.


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