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TV’s “My Ghost Story” could feature experiences of the paranormal from the Eldridge Hotel

This photo, apparently showing a shadowy figure in an elevator at the Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass., is among the evidence that, according to some believers, proves a ghost lives in the building.

This photo, apparently showing a shadowy figure in an elevator at the Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass., is among the evidence that, according to some believers, proves a ghost lives in the building.

December 29, 2010


Have a story?

The Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass., is being considered as the subject for a segment during the upcoming season of “My Ghost Story” on A&E;’s Biography Channel.

Anyone with a ghost story to tell — and some visual evidence to support the claim — regarding the hotel may contact Patti McCormick at While she already has located a couple candidates willing to share their tales of the paranormal, she’s seeking more.

The hotel doesn’t track how many visitors check in at The Eldridge with hopes of encountering a ghost, but McCormick knows the number of spirit-seeking tourists is on the rise.

“This is a phenomenon that’s ginormous,” said McCormick, who handles special events for The Olivia Collection, which includes the Eldridge and two other properties. “It’s huge, all over the country.”

If you’ve felt an unexplained chill, sensed an unseen visitor or taken an elevator up to an unexpected floor at the Eldridge Hotel, Patti McCormick wants to hear your story.

You just might get to share it with millions of others on a television network’s most popular show, says McCormick, director for a group of properties that includes the Eldridge.

“They’re looking for legitimate people — people who may have been actual guests — to report their ghost stories,” said Beth Cooper, who runs Topeka-based Paranormal Adventures USA. “They’re not doing paranormal investigations or hearsay, just authentic people who’ve had an experience.”

And they’re searching for folks who can back it up.

The show, “My Ghost Story,” is shown on A&E;’s Biography Channel and features people recounting tales and providing what is described as “strong visual evidence” of their personal experiences: photos, videos or other materials lending credence to their claims. People tell their own stories in their own words, while viewers catch glimpses of the personal evidence and other footage from locations where the experiences are said to have taken place.

At the Eldridge, 701 Mass. in downtown Lawrence, that most likely would be Room 506. That’s where the hotel’s original cornerstone remains and is known as a place where friendly spirits — perhaps even Col. Shalor Eldridge himself? — continue to linger, long after Quantrill’s Raid and other noteworthy events have faded away.

Unsuspecting guests report pressing the elevator button for “3” or “4,” only to end up on the fifth floor. Employees say they’ve been “visited.” Ardent fans of the paranormal request the room, sometimes leaving with their own first-hand experiences.

It’s enough that McCormick doesn’t blink when she describes the hotel as haunted.

“They hear things. They see things,” she said. “I don’t believe it, but we’ve had so many people give us accounts and stories of their stays — from all kinds of people. You would think that something has to be going on.”

But those tales may as well be ghosts themselves: While the Eldridge maintains a written list of what apparently happened and when, employees never attach names with the stories.

So now it’s a matter of finding former guests or employees who might be willing to share — their stories, their feelings and, perhaps most importantly, their images — with a much larger audience.

Just e-mail McCormick, who is working with a “My Ghost Story” producer on a potential show for this spring.

“They’re calling me to find good people, real people,” said McCormick, who is careful to point out that nobody should be scared away from staying at the Eldridge. “We’ve always had friendly ghosts. Nobody’s ever had a bad experience. We’ve never had a bad experience with any of the ghosts.”


KU_cynic 7 years ago

Perhaps in a future episode this program could explore that eerie sensation upon entering the Oread Inn -- the sensation that Lawrence tax payers have been taken for a ride with TIF (tax increment financing) and other subsidies enjoyed by the Oread Inn developers, that is.

JackMcKee 7 years ago

If there is a place on earth that is destined to be haunted, it is the Oread Inn.

George_Braziller 7 years ago

This isn't about an actual interest in the unexplained at the hotel. It's a grab for free publicity.

volunteer 7 years ago

Last New Year's Eve a couple of friends and I enjoyed a great Eldridge dinner and then had coffee by the fireplace in those fine upholstered chairs in the lobby. Enjoyable and mature way for to bring in the new year.

And when it is St Patty's day and the rains come during the parade? Quite grateful to have The Eldridge on Mass Street. (Their mac and cheese rocks too)

lawrencehatesbusinesses 7 years ago

The Eldridge Extended Stay on Vermont might be haunted since it is a former abortion clinic.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

"They’re looking for legitimate people"

Will there be a DNA test?

rtwngr 7 years ago

The Oread Inn is a vortex of demonic activity. They are called "blogs" that follow letters to the editor.

Myghoststory 7 years ago

Everything is a reality TV show now days

creaz 7 years ago

The Eldridge HOTEL' yes my first job was there and marge was the manager of the maids when I would be cleaning our heavy maids cart would roll out from the hotel room door and perfectly go down the hall way wall a little ways and park its self against the wall there is no way unless someone or something physicaly moved it how heavy these carts were to be rolled perfectly against the wall i mean we had a time pushing them they were so heavy and sturdy rubbermaid carts.?*%^@!!! I ask my self if the "GHOST" was in the elevator when the MARQUETTE BASKETBALL team said oh there is room for you come on and then a few more players came to the elevator and said scoot theres room for us to another player me and half the team went down the elevator and it stopped got stuck for a few min then begun
working again but ? THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HUMM",SO there YOU HAVE IT first hand yes there is a spirt that lerks the historical ELDRIDGE HOTEL Quantrill are you there ??? PERHAPS ,...© C.H. AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE

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