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Finance apps for iPhone, Android may help you save money

December 27, 2010


You’ve already got a pricey cell phone heating up your pocket, but if it’s an Android phone or an iPhone, you can use it to help you keep an eye on — and even save — money in the coming year.

  1. is a free app that syncs all your bank accounts to one place, giving you a visual and clear overview of how you are spending your money; the website now has an app for both iPhones and ’Droids, and the best part of all — like all these apps we’ve listed — it’s free.
  2. Google Finance: Whether you are a penny stock trader or just want to keep an eye on your mutual funds, Google’s free finance app syncs to the stocks you need to keep watch over, and gives you updated market news.
  3. That old checkbook balance ledger is so 20th century. Financisto takes the same concept and digitizes it. Punch in the numbers to keep track of your daily spending — particularly your cash on hand — and even back it all up to a Google Docs file. (Android only).
  4. Amazon Price Check and Google Shopper: It’s the holiday season, so it’s likely you’ll be spending some cash on gifts. But with the Amazon Price Check (iPhone) and Google Shopper (Android), you’ll be able to suss out whether you’re paying too much.
  5. Our Groceries: If you sign up using your e-mail to a free account, this Android and iPhone-friendly app can even sync grocery lists — including recipes.


Shane Rogers 7 years, 4 months ago

You can use "Our Groceries" for so much more than grocery lists. We have used it for movies we'd like to see, baby names we'd like to use, questions to ask a doctor, etc, etc. It's a great way to keep lists in sync with more than one device.

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