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Court date for KU basketball player Mario Little moved to May

December 27, 2010


The municipal court date for Kansas University senior basketball player Mario Little has been delayed from Jan. 5 to May 19 after his attorney recently entered an appearance for him.

Little, 22, who has been suspended from playing in games by coach Bill Self, faces four counts of battery, two counts of criminal damage to property and one count of criminal trespassing, all misdemeanors.

He was arrested early on Dec. 15 after an incident in the 1400 block of Ohio Street, and police accuse him of committing battery against four people, including pushing a 22-year-old Lawrence woman, who police identified as his girlfriend, into a sink. Police said no one was taken to the hospital as a result of the incident.

Little, a red-shirt senior from Chicago, had initially posted bond and was given notice to appear in Lawrence Municipal Court in January. He also apologized in a statement released to the media Dec. 15.

City prosecutor Jerry Little said Monday that Lawrence attorney Al Lopes — who played basketball for KU from 1964 to 1966 — had entered the appearance, which as standard practice prompted the clerk’s office to enter a not-guilty plea and schedule a new trial setting date.

Jerry Little said Monday he had not yet heard from Lopes but that between now and the May 19 court date the defense could either apply for diversion, set the case for a trial or attempt to work out a plea agreement.


Rick Aldrich 6 years ago

sorry but the dummy should be benched the rest of the season.

bangaranggerg 6 years ago

Facts, please, not jumping to conclusions and reaching too far.

doc1 6 years ago

They do not reside together therefore the domestic violence laws cannot be used. Do your research.

Bob Forer 6 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

cowboy 6 years ago

For the local wannabe legal's a municipal court offense , quite minor in nature , with no prior record he can probably get diversion.

Not the cover up of the century by any means , and it takes months for a charge to work its way thru the courts in Douglas County.

Get a life !

Deb Engstrom 6 years ago

So a 22 year old kid got in a messed up situation and made some bad choices. Has happened to many kids but it seems that athletes are held to a higher standard. Nothing to ruin his life over. I'm glad Coach Self realizes that.

notaubermime 6 years ago

"Beating women is NOT just a "messed up situation and made some bad choices" kind of thing."

Why "beating women?" Is that somehow worse than beating men?

Are women simply helpless animals in that way?

Sexism. . . it's fun

jonas_opines 6 years ago

Oh damn!

That was me in that previous comment, on another's computer. Guess I forgot to log out first.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

"Beating women is NOT just a "messed up situation and made some bad choices" kind of thing."

Why "beating women?" Is that somehow worse than beating men?

Are women simply helpless animals in that way?

Sexism. . . it's fun

Deb Engstrom 6 years ago

I don't remember saying that whad he did was OK. He did make a bad choice -- he could have chosen to step away and didn't. Hopefully he will learn from this. My point is that if this were my 22 year old son -- or yours, if you have one-- it would not have been in the paper and no-one would be blogging about it.

JustNoticed 6 years ago

Hmmm, but the real question is how can we use this to get rid of football at KU?

Missingit 6 years ago

Well smitty, from my limited reading they do not seem to meet the state requirement unless they live together!! But maybe I am wrong

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 6 years ago

Little is at best a mediocre player on a very deep basketball team. Every game he doesn't play puts him one seat closer to the exit if and when Self allows him to suit up again. In essence, even if he's being allowed to be a practice dummy, his career is over at KU and Self will not have frightened off future thugs by publicly shaming the current ones.

bangaranggerg 6 years ago

Rio is better than you're giving him credit, and he's not practicing- he was suspended from the team. In no way is he a thug because he lost his head when he caught his girlfriend with another man, the punishment for him will far outweigh the crime. Don't call student athletes thugs.

fu7il3 6 years ago

Being suspended from a sports team far outways injuring multiple people in a jealous rage? Okay...

I get the feeling they weren't calling him a thug because he is an athlete. They were calling him a thug because he physically assaulted victims.

bangaranggerg 6 years ago

Wow, it's like you wrote the book on "How to Whine your way to Sympathy"-

stuckinthemiddle 6 years ago

this is yet another one of those comment sections that has me wondering about libel...

Mario Little is being referred to as a "woman beater"... when all that seems to be known is that he pushed the young lady into a sink...

is pushing someone into a sink beating them?

I wonder if those who are referring to Little as a woman beater know more than is stated here in this article... I wondering if they know that he pushed her really really hard… or if he also hit her… or beats her... or beats other women...

I wonder if those who are referring to Little as a woman beater are committing libel...

Ricky_Vaughn 6 years ago

Why does he get a delay? Throw this piece of trash in the klink!

Deb Engstrom 6 years ago

He's not getting a delay. His lawyer made his first appearance and they set a trial date for May -- that's how backlogged the docket is. I know this because my son just went to municipal court and got a trial date in early May, too.

Judgesmails 6 years ago

Ewww, he pushed a couple of people!! - Big freakin deal

He should immediately be reinstated to the team.

Celeste Plitz 6 years ago

As far as I'm concerned, he should just be kicked off the team. He's old enough to know right from wrong, and I don't care what the situation was, you don't chase your girlfriend to another house and shove her into a sink. I don't care how mad you are. If you are that mad, you leave. He screwed up, well, there are consequences. He doesn't belong on the team. Period.

Mo Meza 6 years ago

We need to keep in mind that he was charged with misdemeanors and not felonies and the charges were not related to domestic violence. Let's call it like it has been reported by the police. The case involving the Baylor basketball player, earlier this year, fracturing the jaw of his girlfriend, that was a domestic violence case since I understand they have a child together and I am assuming they are leaving together. Mario made a mistake, regardless, but it is not for him to be branded for life. He deserves a second chance to turn things around.

Khublai_Juan 6 years ago

The difference between this situation and the one involving LaceDarius Dunn at Baylor is very interesting. Mario pushed his girlfriend into a sink and he's a "woman beater" and it's one of the most popular articles of the year. Dunn broke his girlfriend's jaw on both sides (they had to put in titanium plates) and the story only got 17 comments on and they weren't near as vitriolic as the ones posted about Mario. I'm not sure if Dunn even missed any games for this or if he just got a short break from class and practice.

Jeremiah Jefferson 6 years ago

Sweep it under the rug till after the season, pay him a few more bills and other benefits and let him keep playing. If it was anyone else they would have done conviced, jailed, and fined them. Who said college players don't get paid? Oh yeah, nice mug shot too lol...

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