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25 years ago: Elementary school students campaign for box turtle to become state reptile

December 27, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 27, 1985:

  • Students at an elementary school in Caldwell, Kansas, were operating a grass-roots campaign to elevate the ornate box turtle to Official State Reptile status. Sixth-graders were sending hand-written letters to newspapers, museums, and legislators. A local zoologist who supported the proposal said that the reptile had many characteristics valued by Kansans: “The box turtle is cautious, conservative. It’s very adaptable. It can be found everywhere. It is placid and peaceful.... It has all the good traits.”
  • Douglas County Clerk Patty Jaimes was considering a plan to bring optical scanners into the courthouse to process election returns more efficiently. She expected that the new machinery would pay for itself in about four years, or two national and state elections.
  • The Journal-World, still an evening newspaper (except for Sunday mornings) in 1985, ran a display ad thanking customers for helping young paper-carriers stay safe: “Thanks for leaving your porch light on until after your carrier has delivered your paper. With darkness coming quite early and the late sunrises on Sunday mornings, a friendly porch light makes it easier and safer for your carrier to deliver to your home.”


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