100 years ago: Lawrence post office handled record amounts of holiday mail

From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 27, 1910:

  • “The Lawrence post office established a record this year in handling the immense amount of holiday mail coming into the office. In former years several delivery wagons had to be impressed into service on the last afternoon, and there always remained a stack of undelivered gifts, which brought temporary disappointment in many homes. This year all gifts were delivered promptly and without the usual accumulation.”
  • “The Christmas spirit was apparent in the county poor farm. Supt. Heaston gave a real Christmas tree for the inmates, on which presents for every one of the old folks were hung. The old people received clothing and useful articles for their rooms. In order to make it seem as near like Christmas as possible, the old folks were given little sacks of candy and nuts.”
  • “Christmas at Haskell began Saturday night [Dec. 24] with a distribution of gifts in the chapel, and closed with a Christmas dinner which fell little short of a banquet. The big kitchens at the Indian school cooked during the day, 500 pounds of chickens, 4,400 rolls, 325 loaves of bread, 1,650 doughnuts, six bushels of sweet potatoes, 48 cakes, and 30 dozen eggs. Four hundred pounds of candy was distributed to the smaller pupils.”