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12:00 a.m.
Local experts offer advice for avoiding frozen pipes and costly repairs
December 23, 2010 in print edition on 3A
Terry Lewis knows that this winter pipes across Lawrence are in danger. Even when the temperature drops to 30 degrees, pipes can freeze, said the service manager for Kastl Plumbing in Lawrence.
6:00 a.m.
Governor-elect Sam Brownback is interviewed in his transitional office at the Statehouse in Topeka. Brownback will take office as the new governor of Kansas Jan. 10, 2011. Political experts unsure how Sam Brownback will lead once sworn in as governor in 2011
December 26, 2010 in print edition on 1A
Which Sam Brownback shows up for work as governor will determine how things go in state government during the 2011 legislative session, according to several political experts.
10:00 a.m.
A screenshot of the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau's interactive map. Census numbers reflect city’s qualities compared to peer communities
December 26, 2010 in print edition on 1A
With New Year’s around the corner, it is the time of year that individuals often step in front of the mirror and do a little self-evaluation. Maybe it is a good time for communities to do so, too.
2:00 p.m.
Kansas University graduate student Jesse Grismer, left, and his father, Lee, searched for a new species of lizard called Leilolepis ngovantrii in Vietnam. They discovered the lizard on a restaurant menu in Vietnam. KU graduate student and father discover lizard species — on dinner plate
December 26, 2010 in print edition on 1A
A Kansas University graduate student and his father know that new species of lizards can be found in a wide variety of places. Even on the menu at Vietnamese restaurants.
6:00 p.m.
Bob Taylor, Mary Louise Taylor and Grace Oshel visit over the Christmas dinner at First United Methodist Church on Saturday. Christmas dinner at First United Methodist Church feeds more than appetites
December 26, 2010 in print edition on 1A
Hundreds of volunteers showed up at First United Methodist Church Saturday morning in order to make sure Christmas dinner was available to all.

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Student success
New admissions standards may prompt more Kansas students to attend a community college before tackling university work.
December 26, 2010 in print edition on A11
It’s about this time of year that some college freshmen at state universities may be wondering whether they made the right choice.