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Club news for December 25, 2010

December 25, 2010


University Bridge Club announces results of its Dec. 18 meeting with hosts Al and Carol Smith, Bonnie Haney and Rhetta Jo Noever.

Blue winners: Mary Jo Spotts and John Hoffman, tied in first and second; Lois Liebert, third; Karmie Galle, fourth; and Paul Jordan, fifth.

Pink winners: Bebe Huxtable, first; Virginia Williams, second; Alice Akin, third; Dottie Miller, fourth; and Cora Kuepker, fifth.

Kaw Valley Bridge Club announces results of its Monday, Dec. 13, meeting, a HAL movement. Winners in A: Donna Johnson and Jim Masilamani, first; Chris Lane and Emily Foster, second; and Pete Petillo and Brian Barrett, third.

North-South winners for Wednesday, Dec. 15, in A: Jeremy Martin and Craig Huneke, first; Catherine Blumenfeld and Grant Sutton, second; Steven Vossler and Vince Nordberg, third; and Lois Clark and Jan O’Connor, fourth; and in C: Marilyn Martin and Jack Flickinger, first.

East-West winners, in A: Paul Heitzman and Mark Osborn, first; Klee Zaricky and Bobby Patton, second; Virginia Seaver and Shirley Reese, third; and Yvonne Hedges and Sally Taylor, fourth; and in C: Bebe Huxtable and Willi Stark, first.

Mentor Game winners for Thursday, Dec. 16: Virgina Seaver and Jean Khatib, first; Jan O’Connor and Chris Lane tied in second with Lester Dalton and Hanni Zellman; and Bob Hemmenway and Steve Rego, third;

North-South winners for Friday, Dec. 17, in A: Virginia Seaver and Klee Zaricky, first; Kent McCullough and Grant Sutton, second; Jack Flickinger and Dick Shaffer, third; and Shirley Reese and Chris Lane, fourth; and second in B and first in C: J. Jenkins and Ron Jenkins.

East-West winners, in A: Peter Petillo and Brian Barrett, first; Carol Ball and Mona Bell, second; and David Piro and Paul Heitzman, third.

The Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge Club’s game of Dec. 20 utilized the Howell movement and was directed by Virginia Seaver. Winners were Steven Vossler and Larry Weatherholt, first in A; Jeremy Martin and John Fittell, second in A and first in B; Virginia Seaver and Craig Huneke, third in A; and Jan O’Connor and Elle Patton, fourth in A and second in B.


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