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What is your favorite holiday charity to donate to?

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The Salvation Army
Anything local
Toys for Tots
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Do you like getting your family portrait taken?

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Hate it. I avoid it at all costs.
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I love taking them and then framing them all over the house!
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State officials say keeping aircraft manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft in Kansas shows importance of higher education system
December 23, 2010
State officials say a deal keeping aircraft manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft in Kansas shows the importance of the state’s higher education system.
Kaw Prairie Community Church to hold “Rebuild-the-Barn” services on Christmas Eve
December 23, 2010
Despite being unable to use the barn at Zimmerman’s Kill Creek Farm for its Christmas Eve services, the Kaw Prairie Community Church isn’t abandoning its barn theme.
Lawrence family to spend Christmas in motel after losing “perfect little house” to fire
December 23, 2010
Shortly after her family’s “perfect, little house” burned up, Dottie Regnier Burd stood in the blackened mess and it suddenly hit her.
Local experts offer advice for avoiding frozen pipes and costly repairs
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A3
Terry Lewis knows that this winter pipes across Lawrence are in danger. Even when the temperature drops to 30 degrees, pipes can freeze, said the service manager for Kastl Plumbing in Lawrence.
Kasold lanes between Clinton Parkway and 31st Street reopen for Christmas traffic
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A4
Traffic has been opened to both lanes for the Christmas holiday on Kasold Drive between Clinton Parkway and 31st Street, where crews have been rebuilding the road and improving utilities.
Family portraits can be memorable tradition, stressful obligation
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A1
Make the kids bathe, style their uncooperative hair, button and zip the clothes they hate — just the preparation for family picture day can be stressful.
Lawrence man embraces Santa likeness ‘for the spirit of Christmas’
December 23, 2010
Chris Hartman has a fairly simple rationale for why he has dressed up as Santa for the past 30 years: He looks a lot like good old Kriss Kringle.
Lawrence crime data analysis shows burglars no more likely to strike during holidays than any other time of year
December 23, 2010
Thousands of empty homes over the holidays — left by college students and other traveling Lawrencians — would seem to create the perfect atmosphere for would-be burglars.
Town Talk: Famous Dave’s makes it official; new location for other BBQ restaurant; city boundaries actually shrink in 2010; the case of the one-finger salute at City Hall
December 23, 2010
News and notes from around Lawrence and Douglas County.
Garage, shop at Lecompton residence destroyed by fire early Thursday morning
December 23, 2010
An early-morning fire destroyed a detached garage in Lecompton, said Sgt. Steve Lewis, a Douglas County Sheriff’s spokesman.
2011 Kansas State of the State address set for Jan. 12
December 23, 2010
Kansas Gov.-elect Sam Brownback plans to give his first State of the State address on Jan. 12, two days after he takes office.
Heard on the Hill: Brownback says small-degree programs might be examined; KU psychology professor says stop trying to multitask; Pepperdine law dean search has a blog
December 23, 2010
Your daily dose of news, notes and links from around Kansas University.
Style Scout: Holly Charlton
03:07 a.m., December 23, 2010 Updated 03:07 a.m.
How would you describe your style? 14-year-old bag lady
Style Scout: Cyrus Dayani
02:58 a.m., December 23, 2010 Updated 02:58 a.m.
Tell us a secret: I have a DJ superstition—I always wear mismatched socks when I DJ.
12:00 a.m., December 23, 2010 Updated 02:55 p.m. in print edition on A1
An article previously on this page incorrectly identified Matthew Visser as gay.
Lack of composure in chippy game vs. Cal shows KU basketball team’s immaturity
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B1
For a two-minute blitz at the beginning of the second half, Kansas University’s basketball team showed its very high ceiling, as high as any team’s in the country.
Hays teen driver gets probation for causing 2009 double fatal crash
December 23, 2010
A western Kansas teen who admitted to driving recklessly in crash that killed two of his friends has been sentenced to 17 months of probation.
Man arrested after making threats, tearing screen in 1200 block of Rhode Island Street
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A4
Lawrence police arrested a 33-year-old Lawrence man early Tuesday morning after a female acquaintance reported the man came to her house in the 1200 block of Rhode Island Street, began banging on the windows and threatened her. She said he tore the screen on one of the windows.
DNA reveals human relative “Denisovans” roamed widely
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A5
Scientists have recovered the DNA code of a human relative recently discovered in Siberia, and it delivered a surprise: This relative roamed far from the cave that holds its only known remains.
Doron Lamb scores 32, Kentucky wallops Winthrop
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B3
Doron Lamb’s 32 points set a Kentucky record for most in a game by a freshman, and Kentucky routed Winthrop on Wednesday afternoon.
Larry Brown out as Charlotte Bobcats head coach
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B2
After a miserable start to the season in which he took shots at his players and himself, Larry Brown is out as coach of the Charlotte Bobcats in another messy exit in his well-traveled career.
Should Michael Vick ever own a dog?
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B2
My dog is dumb as a stick, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. He’s just gifted in other areas — such as chewing himself raw or hurling himself across the dinner table in pursuit of scraps.
Boise State runs away from Utah, wins Maaco Bowl 26-3
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B10
Doug Martin shook Boise State out of its brief postseason funk with an 84-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, and the 10th-ranked Broncos dominated the rest of the way Wednesday night to beat No. 20 Utah, 26-3, in the MAACO Bowl.
Bears: Basketball game against Jayhawks ‘just physical’
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B4
The Cal players said there were no hard feelings following their 78-63 loss to Kansas University in a rough game Wednesday night.
Bruise cruise: Jayhawks win ‘chippy’ contest vs. Golden Bears
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B1
Ho ho ho and mistletoe? Peace on earth, good will toward men? Kansas University’s basketball players obviously were saving those sentiments for today through the weekend, not Wednesday night during an intense, heated — call it a Scrooge-like — 78-63 victory over California in Haas Pavilion.
That’s a wrap: Tips for wrapping gifts from the present pros
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A1
Gift wrapping: For some it’s one of their favorite things of Christmas, a way to bundle up the joy of the season in shiny paper and cheery bows. For others it’s a holiday nemesis with ends of paper that never seem to quite meet up and tape that sticks everywhere but the box.
KU hoops notebook
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B4
Kansas enters a short holiday break 11-0 for the second-straight season and fourth time in Bill Self’s eight seasons at KU.
Poinsettia Bowl on despite heavy rains
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B10
Navy might want to bring a dry dock. San Diego State could pitch in with some bilge pumps.
Big 12 men’s basketball roundup: No. 9 Missouri holds off Illini, 75-64
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B3
Laurence Bowers made a four-point play with a layup and two free throws after an intentional foul with 40 left for Missouri in a victory over Illinois on Wednesday night.
Douglas County Commission approves Plastikon incentives
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A4
Douglas County commissioners unanimously approved an incentive request from Plastikon Industries, a manufacturing company out of Hayward, Calif., at its meeting Wednesday.
Expectation for 2011 economy: Good enough
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A6
2011 should be a happy new year for the U.S. economy, according to forecasts from mainstream economists, although their predictions over the past several years have been about as accurate as the local weatherman’s.
Prison trends
The population of Kansas prisons is low compared to many states, but it still is going in the wrong direction.
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A8
The good news that the prison rate in Kansas is far lower than the national average is tempered by the fact that the number of people in Kansas prisons is continuing to grow.
LINK support
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A8
For the last 25 years, LINK, the Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen, has been serving hot meals to the community four days a week.
Wasted money?
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A8
This public letter is just in time. Jan. 10, the new governor will take office. One of his first acts can be to send back to Washington $12.3 million from the federal stimulus funds for a new engineering building at Kansas University.
Compromise feeds spending woes
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A8
The Republican congressional leadership congratulated itself for leading nine “moderate” GOP senators away from a cliff and back to solid footing by persuading them not to vote with Democrats on a 1,924-page, $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill that has more pork in it than a pig farm.
Simplified tax code has broad appeal
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A8
Many parents have heard FICA Screams. Indignant children, holding in trembling hands their first paychecks, demand to know what FICA is and why it is feasting on their pay.
Looking back at 2010: A quake, a meltdown, a dramatic rescue
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A6
The disruptions of earthly existence came from some unlikely places in 2010: ash from an Icelandic volcano; the contents of an airline passenger’s underwear; a website called WikiLeaks spilling the secret cables of international diplomacy onto front pages across the world.
Topeka council to spend $5 million to revitalize downtown
December 23, 2010
The Topeka City Council has agreed to spend $5 million over three years to revitalize the downtown.
Police investigate possible homicide in Wichita
December 23, 2010
Police are investigating a possible homicide in northeastern Wichita.
Two men die in crash near small Kansas town of Gridley
December 23, 2010
Two people have died in a crash near the small Kansas town of Gridley.
25 years ago: Warm Hearts raises funds in Lawrence
December 23, 2010
The Lawrence Warm Hearts fundraising efforts had run into an unexpected mystery.
100 years ago: Parents busy with last-minute shopping in downtown Lawrence
December 23, 2010
“Now that the lid has been pried off, the shopping will be fast and furious and the loads the mail men carry will grow bigger and bigger.”
Iraq churches cancel Christmas festivities
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A5
No decorations, no midnight Mass. Even an appearance by Santa Claus has been nixed after Iraq’s Christian leaders called off Christmas celebrations amid new al-Qaida threats on the tiny community still terrified from a bloody siege on a Baghdad church.
40 years ago: Owners of Eldridge Hotel announce plans for reopening
December 23, 2010
The Eldridge had been closed at the end of June after 115 years of service.
Free State’s Dylan Perry invited to Kansas Shrine Bowl
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B3
Free State High’s Dylan Perry has been invited to play in next year’s Kansas Shrine Bowl, the annual all-star high school football showcase.
Obama signs ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A7
President Barack Obama signed a new law Wednesday that will allow gays for the first time in history to serve openly in America’s military. And he urged those kicked out under the old law to re-enlist.
Tune In: ABC airs one ‘Grinch’ too many
December 23, 2010
’Tis the night before the night before Christmas, so the cornucopia of holiday movies, specials, episodes and documentaries has almost been emptied.
Horoscope for Dec. 23
December 23, 2010
This year, open up to different ideas. You are processing and changing right in front of others. Some friends might not notice for a while, while others are amazed. If you are single, the person you choose today might not be the person you would choose in a year. Try not to make any major life commitments this year. If you are attached, the two of you will be breaking new ground, thus adding vigor and excitement to the relationship. Leo zeros in on what is important.
Eudora man charged with animal cruelty sues Osage County
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A3
A Eudora man, who faces misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in Osage County, has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that county officials wrongfully seized his horses in the case.
New staff member hired to oversee nonacademic student misconduct at KU
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A3
Kansas University has hired a new person to oversee nonacademic student misconduct.
2 firefighters dead, 17 injured in Chicago blaze
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A7
The burning building had been vacant for years, but the firefighters went in anyway — just in case squatters started the blaze and were trapped inside. Then the heavy-timbered roof and a wall suddenly collapsed.
Pump Patrol
December 23, 2010 in print edition on A4
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.85 at several stations.
Our town sports
December 23, 2010 in print edition on B3
A rundown of upcoming recreational sports opportunities around Douglas County.