Winning process

Members of the Kansas University athletic director’s search committee did a commendable job despite the failure of contract negotiators to seal the deal.

December 20, 2010


Members of the committee conducting the search for a new Kansas University athletic director are to be congratulated for the manner in which they carried out their task.

The six-person committee conducted a more thorough search and investigation of possible candidates than has been the practice of some recent KU search efforts. They also maintained tight security and no information was leaked by those serving on the search committee.

The group was headed by Ray Evans of Kansas City with Ken Audus, Ritch Price, Linda Ellis Sims, Debbie Van Saun and Thomas Ward filling out the committee.

Unfortunately, a last minute breakdown in contract language turned what looked like a winning home run process into a major disappointment. It didn’t have to happen and it shouldn’t have happened. Those engaged in the contract business should have done a better job.

Fortunately, Evans and his associates, although rightfully disappointed, are enthusiastic in their renewed challenge to find a top-flight individual to assume the KU athletic director’s office.

KU is an excellent university and it needs and deserves a superior athletic director. It should be an attractive position to many well-qualified individuals and KU officials cannot afford to mess up when it comes time to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract.


kuprof54 7 years, 5 months ago

This was a breakdown on BGL's part. The deal was signed, sealed, and delivered to BGL who messed it up. Another nail in the coffin to shorten her tenure here at KU. For those of you saying she needed time to acclimate and adjust, that time is over. We also lost our first choice for law school dean this week. We're also searching for a new business school dean and that's going extremely poorly, too. Not to mention the continuing federal investigation of the athletics dept. Provost Vitter also is a black eye to the university. He's the operations guy who coordinates and executes many of the university's actions - Bernie is just the figurehead. Too many "coincidental" bad things have happened at KU and it's time they both move on. Let's start a search committee for BGL's replacement. Let's get the chancellor that KU and its alumni deserve.

xclusive85 7 years, 5 months ago

Professor, I know that you probably will decline my request, but I would like to know your name. You should send it to me in a personal message. It is not BGL's fault that we are looking for a new Business School Dean, is it? It had something to do with the students falsely accusing the dean of misappropriation of DT funds, correct? What person would want to come into that situation? Probably not many. It also sounds like you have been aligned against BGL since she got here. How hard it must be to perform at the levels expected of you when your employees will do anything to get you fired! Maybe you should focus on doing your job at a high level. Being a great teacher is not an easy job, but it is what you have been intrusted to do. Too much focusing on what is not in your control takes away your focus on what you should be doing.

kuprof54 7 years, 5 months ago

I was so excited when BGL arrived. I completely supported her and expected the best. But i've seen her screw up time after time and with KU at such a low spot, we don't have time for someone to learn on the job. Further, that business school has lots of great faculty and has some low hanging fruit that any dean would love to take advantage of.

BGL didn't handle the business school situation like she should have. In fact, the regents recently called a special session just to rip KU administration for how they handled the situation. I hear it was quite humorous. The administration kept denying there were problems in the Business School until the problems were so evident and so public that the Dean had to go. There are still major problems that the students didn't make public because they were such an embarassment. They tried to keep as much from the public as possible, but when the only recourse they have is the public and the university won't listen, what other options do they have? And it wasn't just the students that did this. Many faculty advocated for the removal of the dean. Let me ask you this: if the dean was so innocent and doing such a great job, do you think the provost would have removed him from his position? Along with the associate dean, the assistant dean, and the MBA director? And he didn't retire. He was up for reappointment along with his $310k salary and didn't get it. Do you think he would willfully give up that huge salary? Nope.

Further, the students didn't wrongfully accuse him. I've seen their data and it's solid. The provost and regents wouldn't have given them the time of day if it wasn't. Here are some undeniable facts: the oversight committee was disbanded, the required biannual financial reports were never done, and the fund was changed to increase at a rate double of what it was supposed to. Sound fishy to you? Yeah, it did to the students and faculty, too. Not to mention that many of the goals required of the tuition contract weren't upheld.

I'll remind you of something. This isn't regular tuition that the school can do whatever it wants with. This is additional money that students entrusted to the dean. And they felt he wasn't being a good steward of it. In fact, he was being a horrible steward of it. So they questioned it and wanted the controls put back in place and for the money to be spent as the dean originally agreed.

Phillbert 7 years, 5 months ago

How should the negotiators "done a better job" Dolph? You seem so sure you know everything that happened, so why don't you tell us exactly? And the "tight security" of the committee is laughable considering all the stories about various candidates, yet you state flat-out there were no leaks.

That's right, I forgot, Dolph and all the anonymous commenters on the LJW and elsewhere were in on every step of the search and the negotiations - as well as the business dean search, law dean search and every other major decision of the university - so they clearly know everything...

Kontum1972 7 years, 5 months ago

Lew was in it for what was good for Lew and his pocketbook...money for nothing...

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