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12:00 a.m.
Lawrence High School teacher Charlie Lauts reacts to receiving the Lawrence Schools Foundation's Special Award for Dedication to Education on Friday, Dec. 17, 2010. The $5,000 check was presented to Lauts during finals on the last day of class before winter break. Lawrence Schools Foundation awards $5,000 Special Award for Dedication to Education to Lawrence High School teacher Charlie Lauts
December 17, 2010 in print edition on 1A
Shooting trebuchets in the hallway outside Room 150 at Lawrence High School would just have to wait.
6:00 a.m.
Kansas guard Josh Selby licks his chops after hitting a second three-pointer against USC during the first half, Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010 at Allen Fieldhouse. Freshman Selby has fairy-tale beginning
December 18, 2010 in print edition on 1B
It’s been some time since anybody has put on a better show for those lucky enough to gain admission to Saturday’s basketball game in Allen Fieldhouse as the guy whose picture was on the ticket.
10:00 a.m.
Alicia Kaufman, left, and Tyler Conway, right, both of Lawrence, carry shopping bags with gifts during an afternoon of shopping in downtown Lawrence, Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010. Considered one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season, many shoppers in Lawrence had to plan their shopping time either before or after the home KU men's basketball game at 11 a.m. Saturday. Big spenders? Shoppers wrap up holiday buying
December 19, 2010 in print edition on 1A
The experts and the statistics say consumers are spending a little more freely this holiday season compared with 2009.
2:00 p.m.
Jerry Fitzgerald, Ozawkie, lights a cigarette from a stool at the Perry Bar and Grill Monday, June 21, 2010. As of July 1, patrons will no longer be able to smoke in all restaurants and bars, with the exception being state-run casinos, when the statewide smoking ban goes into effect. In addition, smokers who choose to smoke outside must be ten feet from a public doorway when doing so. "I probably won't be at the bars as much," said Fitzgerald in response to a question regarding the challenges that such a law creates for smokers. GOP may push for repeal of state smoking ban
December 19, 2010 in print edition on 1A
After years of struggle, smoke-free advocates got the necessary votes during the last legislative session to win approval of a statewide ban on indoor smoking in public places.
6:00 p.m.
Lawrence resident and restaurant owner Bob Schumm, examines one of his two 55-year-old grapefruit trees growing in his garage on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010. Patience and green thumb aid former Lawrence Mayor Bob Schumm in cultivating 55-year-old grapefruit trees
December 17, 2010 in print edition on 1A
Two grapefruit trees are thriving inside Bob Schumm’s garage, each gulping 5 gallons of water a week and basking in the glow of six fluorescent grow lights overhead, where the fragrant leaves rub against the ceiling.

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Working together
Lawrence and Douglas County commissioners should be congratulated for working together to put people back to work.
December 19, 2010 in print edition on A11
A proposed project by Plastikon Industries to locate a manufacturing plant in Lawrence’s East Hills Business Park is exciting on multiple levels.
Pump patrol
December 19, 2010 in print edition on A4
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.81 at several stations.