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Winter weather advisory for Douglas County expires; multiple injury accidents reported on area highways

Lawrence police returned to normal operations

Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical work the scene of a two vehicle accident west of Lawrence on US Highway 40 about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday. One person was transported after being extracted from truck.

Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical work the scene of a two vehicle accident west of Lawrence on US Highway 40 about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday. One person was transported after being extracted from truck.

December 15, 2010, 4:51 p.m. Updated December 16, 2010, 7:06 a.m.


Kansas weather updates, via Twitter
Two vehicles were involved in a rollover accident on Highway 40, west of the K-10 bypass Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010. One person was taken to Stormont-Vail with serious injuries.

Two vehicles were involved in a rollover accident on Highway 40, west of the K-10 bypass Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010. One person was taken to Stormont-Vail with serious injuries.

Freezing drizzle and icy conditions caused chaos and dozens of accidents on Lawrence and Douglas County roads Wednesday night.

Some motorists spent nearly two-and-a-half hours in their cars after an accident on U.S. Highway 59 near Pleasant Grove caused a backup stretching for more than 5 miles, witnesses and law enforcement reported.

Though no serious injuries were reported in that accident, at least one driver was taken to a Topeka-area hospital after an accident west of Lawrence on Highway 40. According to Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical Division Chief Joe Hoelscher, one person was transported to Stormont-Vail Healthcare in Topeka with serious injuries. Two children in the same vehicle were not injured.

Another serious accident, about 6:50 p.m., caused Kansas Highway 10 to be shut down until after 9 p.m. At least six people were reported to have injuries and four were taken to a local hospital.

Other significant accidents were reported near Baldwin City on County Road 1055, on the Kansas Turnpike at mileposts 192 (twice), 193 and 212; on U.S. Highway 40 at County Road 1029; in the 3000 block of Louisiana Street; in the 1500 block of Wakarusa Drive, near the intersection of North 1075 Road and East 1150 Road; and on Leavenworth County Road 1 north of the Kansas River.

Dozens of other noninjury accidents were reported on roads throughout Lawrence and Douglas County. One of those involved a Lawrence “T” bus that was involved in an accident at Naismith Drive and 23rd Street. Lawrence police Sgt. Dave Hubbel said that from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. there were about 50 noninjury accidents reported to go along with four injury accidents. Hubbel said many minor accidents had not yet been reported.

The sheer number of accidents caused Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical to institute emergency callback procedures and to activate all of their available ambulances. One ambulance reported having to pull over on the side of the road to wait for a salt and sand truck to escort it to the hospital because it was unable to maintain traction. Division Chief Hoelscher said emergency crews responded to 22 medical alarms between 5:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. They usually field 25-30 calls during a typical 24-hour span.

The Kansas Department of Transportation, Douglas County Emergency Management Agency, Lawrence Police Department and Douglas County Sheriff’s offices all repeatedly called for motorists to stay home.

Megan Gilliand, a spokeswoman for the city of Lawrence, said crews were out treating roads Wednesday night and would work through the night and into this morning to try to treat roads before morning rush hour. During the height of the storm, Lawrence police and Douglas County sheriff’s deputies all stopped responding to nonemergency calls. As roads were treated and improved, police returned to normal operations, fielding all calls.

The National Weather Service said ice in Lawrence tapered off late Wednesday night. The Kansas Department of Transportation reported via Twitter Thursday morning that most highways in metro and rural areas were in good shape for driving, though slick spots remained on untreated side streets.

Drivers can check road conditions from the Kansas Department of Transportation at


overthemoon 4 years ago

odd. forecast I'm looking at says nothing about precipitation.

overthemoon 4 years ago

for most of the late afternoon and evening I couldn't access the NWS site. I was checking intellicast instead and there was not mention of precipitation at all.

Erin Graham 4 years ago

I think the magnitude of it took a lot of us by surprise regardless if we saw NWS forecast! Apparently (as I'm reading below) some of the local KC forecasters were spot on with this. Even after seeing NWS, I should have checked Busby's forecast. He's one of the best around.

mcontrary 4 years ago

It was forecast on the LJWorld's web site this morning that there was the possibility of a freezing mist/drizzle. But, it was downplayed and there was no mention of the road conditions that would result if the freezing mist/drizzle occurred. The Kansas City TV stations predicted it yesterday and warned of potential icy conditions and their dangers.

xclusive85 4 years ago

If you have a freezing mist/drizzle, what do you think the road conditions will be?

jackpot 4 years ago

When did Lawrence and Kansas city move? Last I knew they were EAST of Topeka.

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

My fault. Thanks for pointing it out.

candyapplered 4 years ago

sum peeple jus cain't drav. usually it's the ones with the suvs.

kusp8 4 years ago

Hahaha....I had to read that twice to figure out what you meant Big B.

lily 4 years ago

not true... volvos and other yuppie-mobiles are frequently involved

Mandi McNeer 4 years ago

people are driving too fast or are inexprienced in these conditions. Not to mention that it's dark and it's hard to see that it's icy. I was able to make it home safely and I DRIVE AN SUV thank you. Most of the accidents I saw involved all types of vehicles. And don't you think it's a little predjudice to say most people to drive suvs are the ones that cant drive...

grimpeur 4 years ago

Behind every stereotype lies some truth. Some more than others. You may fall outside the norm for this intensely fashion-conscious demographic, but most of these oversized, overweight and unnecessary vehicles are driven by posers who claim to need space (but for some reason don't want a minivan), never need 4WD or 10 inches of ground clearance (since they never encounter an obstacle any more challenging than a mall parking lot curb), who say they worry about safety (but drive around blabbering into a phone or playing with GPS or nav systems instead of driving), or whose parents bought the car for their child, a child who has no clue about stopping distances or the existence of anyone else on the road (and who, of course, has zero judgment after a childhood of bad examples set by their cell-phone-addled, impatient, aggressive, lawless parents). And when I look at the way most SUV drivers "drive," it's no wonder these stereotypes exist.

I say put 'em in a smart car with a spike instead of an airbag in the center of the steering wheel.

cozy 4 years ago

LOL. I love you, grimpeur. That last sentence really did it for me.

Liberty275 4 years ago

"Behind every stereotype lies some truth."

Do racial stereotypes count?

grimpeur 4 years ago

Good question. Not all of them. The question of which ones is left to the reader as an exercise.

drake 4 years ago

I'm sorry that you can't afford an SUV grimp. Maybe if you worked a little harder or longer instead of spending your time being jealous of what others have and making fun you'd have more funds to buy one too. ; )

nonbeliverofprint 4 years ago

Some choose just not to own one. My dislike of them has nothing to do with being jealous. I have had ALOT of bad experiences with SUV drivers. Some people just should not drive them because they can't see over the steering wheel or just choose not to pay attention. These drivers need to pay EXTRA attention to what they are doing.

youarewhatyoueat 4 years ago

...and how do you know the person who made that post doesn't have a Mercedes, Lexus, or other luxury sedan?

That "jealousy" card is a bit overplayed anyway, don't you think? I wouldn't drive an SUV (or a Lexus, Mercedes, etc either) if it was handed to me on a silver plate. With the drivers in this town, it'd just wind up getting hit by some irresponsible slob who doesn't have the decency to leave a note + insurance info.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

I came by the accident minutes after it happened. It was not slick at the bottom of the hill but by the time I got to the cut at the top it was like grease. 4WD and good tires got me on up the hill and out of there. Good idea to close it until they got brine or salt & sand down.

Staci Dark Simpson 4 years ago

Terrible getting home tonight. Just driving along the back way from Lawrence to Baldwin and slid sideways crossing a small bridge on a curve. Baldwin hill closed and it is a sheet of ice everywhere. Now the 59 is closed too. Good luck getting home.

rickie546 4 years ago

Hey jonathan is city crews out? I drove across town and saw 0. The roads are getting much worse and they knew this was coming.

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

I'm not sure, actually. I think I just heard some city crews head out, but I can't say whether they were out before this or not.

Boston_Corbett 4 years ago

I saw a truck out just before 5.. But not sure if it was a city truck.

It wasn't yet dumping, but appeared to be fully loaded with sand/salt. I was scratching my head about its presence, however. Not knowing of the changing circumstances.

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

County trucks are yellow, KDOT trucks are red, city trucks are white. What color was it?

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

Just to be clear, Megan Gilliand from the city e-mailed to say city trucks are out and will be out all night trying to treat the roads. Their request is for everyone to stay home.

mcontrary 4 years ago

re that the city trucks were out and about at least by 7:57 when jkealing posted the info given him by Megan Gilliand: better late than never? Not for the people involved in accidents because of the roads not being prepared.

rickie546 4 years ago

Jonathan, the city & county had to of known the forecast, did they play wait and see because of budget crunch and got behind the 8 ball or what? think the public deserves to know why they didn't go out till after the fact and after all of these bad accidents.

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

I don't know whether they were out before the storm. I don't think anyone was expecting this to wallop Douglas County quite the way it did.

SWJayhawk13 4 years ago

Olathe had their fleet of salt & sand trucks out as of 4pm, maybe we should've taken a note from them, because the roads in Olathe aren't nearly as bad as the ones here. Lawrence has a BAD habit of waiting until the bad weather has already started before they prep the roads.

thelonious 4 years ago

Both the City of Lawrence and KDOT dropped the ball. I drove from Lawrence to Eudora between 5:45 and 6:00 pm - K-10 was OK but deteriorating, and Lawrence city streets were already getting slick. Yet, I saw no trucks out anywhere and no evidence that any salt had been spread. Salt put down before the icing hit would have prevented most of this icing. When I got home, I predicted to my wife that there would be lots of accidents and that the city of Lawrence probably would do nothing to their streets until there were so many accidents that they were forced to. Bingo on that prediction.

The City of Lawrence's track record of being proactive about winter weather on their streets is pathetic. Maybe they did nothing because of their "3-inch" rule, you know the one where they do not plow unless there is at least 3 inches of snow, regardless of the conditions - last year, I saw them plowing water off streets after a 3" wet snow that mostly melted on contact, while letting numerous 2"-2.5" snowfalls that made city streets really slick just sit. Ridiculous.

At least they got a lot of the city streets that were like bombed out roads from the middle east with potholes last winter fixed over the summer. I guess now they are going to try to get some of that money back by not treating the roads.

I remember the good old days when roads were treated with salt BEFORE the icing started. Sigh.

Aileen Dingus 4 years ago

I went down 59 from Lawrence to Ottawa at about 4:45. That first "jug handle" where Zarco used to be was the worst- my car's back end skittered out getting on to it, and then again getting off. Speed limit 55, I was doing about 40. Guess I should have been going even slower!

That new pavement is terrible in weather like this. I'd almost rather have full on snow than this innocent-looking mist.

jackpot 4 years ago

Perhaps a dozen injury accidents were reported within an hour in Douglas County between 4:45 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. Long Hour!!

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

Ha. Just edited that out. Been updating like a crazy man the past hour.

jackpot 4 years ago

Glad to see any info getting out fast. We can fix little things later. Now maybe things have slowed a bit. KTA truck going west to salt about 6:45 P.M. Traffic going about 50 mph east and west bound.

Mark Zwahl 4 years ago

Also Jonathan, I would appreciate if the media stop blaming weather for accidents. I drove in this stuff and the weather didn't "cause" me to have an accident. Bad choices by drivers when conditions change are actually the cause of accidents. The media could help us take more responsibility by killing the myth that weather causes drivers to make poor choices.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

This event really marks the first time I've ever heard a county dispatcher totally addlepated. Must be really bad out there...

Chris Ogle 4 years ago

Driving from Baldwin to old Zarco road off of 59 highway about 5:30pm. Several accidents on 59, Baldwin Hill (1055) closed. I was sliding on the new pavement going only 20 MPH. Once coming to a near stop, the car in front of me slid into the ditch. They need salt ASAP.

kernal 4 years ago

I see the forcast was changed at TWC the last few hours. Now showing fog for tonight as well. Guess that could turn into freezing fog?

grimpeur 4 years ago

Heh. I mean, uugghh!

But, yes. Frog is very slippery. Very slippery. I'm an excellent driver.

Ignignokt 4 years ago

Man, it sounds like those firefighters are working hard tonight, I'm glad I'm not out there:

Laura Wilson 4 years ago

There's something happening near Kanwaka Hall on 40 west of town. My mom is stuck in traffic there.

On the other hand, I got home, just west of Iowa and north of 31st, about twenty minutes ago and found no ice at all on my driveway or the city streets and it was barely misting. I felt kind of silly that I'd been creeping along at 20 mph in 45 mph zones.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

How about if jobs let people off early when they know this type of weather is on the way? I noticed some drizzle about 1 PM when returning from KCMO today.

I say weather is a good reason to give people time off early. Sure predictions might be wrong once in a while buttttttttt anything is better than tons of car accidents,injuries or death.

kernal 4 years ago

Even the Weather Channel was showing the freezing drizzle for the KC area, but not Lawrence until after 3-3:30 pm. Did Fox 4 include Lawrence in that segment last night or just the KC Metro area? I watched another KC news segment this morning and there was no mention of any precip for Lawrence. If it ain't being forecasted, I don't know how the City of Lawrence is supposed to be prepared ahead of time; at least more than usual during the Winter.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

Listening to the scanner, it is an absolute nightmare out there tonight. Godspeed to the all the responders.

Chris Ogle 4 years ago

Me too on the scanner..... they (emergency crews & dispatch) are doing a great job. Salt should be coming soon..... I hope.

scopi_guy 4 years ago

Left work about 6PM to run some errands, then came back to finish up. Main streets like Iowa and 23rd were OK, but came back down on 21st and it was pretty slick. Looked like some salt had been put down on Louisiana by Walgreens. Parking lot is slick as heck.

password 4 years ago

The post under the pic says "Pne person was transported after being extracted from truck". Maybe someone at LJW should edit that. .

huskerpower 4 years ago

Seriously, get over the typos. You know what they meant. They have more important things to be concerned with right now like informing the public of hazards.

wmathews 4 years ago

We got that fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

candyapplered 4 years ago

Peeple serous cain't draav, speshaly don nerr k10 at the biz parkee. Serv em rite dravvin so dern fast.

beebo 4 years ago

HWY 59: They've been sitting in ONE PLACE for almost TWO HOURS!!!!

Ron Holzwarth 4 years ago

No fatalities. That is good news.

Beth Bird 4 years ago

Really bad accident on Southbound I-35 by Wellsville - had to close the interstate.

lorimphd 4 years ago

They are still re-routing people from K-10 Westbound to 15th street.

Steve Bradt 4 years ago

JK, any news on the power outage from 17th to 15th on Barker Ave?

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

No word from Westar. We haven't had time to check but we're going to make a call now.

wmathews 4 years ago

I left a message with their on-call media person, so hopefully we have an answer soon.

Katherine Greene 4 years ago

p> is another place to try

whatamess 4 years ago

okay, for those of you checking on mobile devices. If trying to head S on 59. turn around!!! head east on Wells overlook road, cut through baldwin (56), go back on to 59!. WHY the cops aren't out diverting traffic and getting people to turn around is beyond me. I would be stuck in that crap another 2 hours if I didn't try it. The North bound lane is now salted and at reasonble speeds (20-35 mph) you can make it to baldwin or eudora the back way...cake. Stay safe and COPS, get the freak out to Well's overlook road and keep traffic off of 59 till it clears...idiots!

Ignignokt 4 years ago

The cops are busy pulling people out of ditches, there are only so many of them.

topflight 4 years ago

Hey wise guy, Maybe they could have four cops sit and block the highway and have them tied up all night. Then you could piss and moan about that. Or dip, they could depend on driver's like yourself to drive with due regard for safety and have the common sense to understand the roads might be crappy. Blame it on the cops, you are so irritating. Find someone else to bitch about. How about he people who blocked the highway in the first place. Come on.

Ignignokt 4 years ago

"Find someone else to bitch about. How about he people who blocked the highway in the first place."

We can't blame them, the nanny state was supposed to keep these people from having to think about their actions.

topflight 4 years ago

Hey wise guy, Maybe they could have four cops sit and block the highway and have them tied up all night. Then you could piss and moan about that. Or dip, they could depend on driver's like yourself to drive with due regard for safety and have the common sense to understand the roads might be crappy. Blame it on the cops, you are so irritating. Find someone else to bitch about. How about he people who blocked the highway in the first place. Come on.

cozy 4 years ago

Hey wise guy, maybe you could control your double post happy fingers.

Mike Ford 4 years ago

sitting in Baldwin City. I went home on the back road with the usual speeding neckcar I mean nascar drivers speeding behind me before it got bad. Stopped in Baldwin for a bit and the ice started up. The brick roads on 8th and west on High were like an ice rink. I saw a corolla spinning out climbing up High St. It took about fifteen minutes to go across Baldwin City. I had to bright people to get them to slow down and not hit me. People wrongly think they're impervious to accidents. No one is on our road right now. I hope the roads are clear in the morning.....

nepenthe 4 years ago

Pedestrians need to be careful, too. I had some idiot in high heels step right in front of me (out from between cars and NOT in a crosswalk) and she's damn lucky I have anti lock brakes and wasn't going very fast (about 5-10 mph). It's slick, cars can't stop on a dime.

kseagle 4 years ago

Let's see.....they have only been predicting the weather to get like this for 2 days.....and the crews are just now getting out and doing something with the salt.....LAZY!!!! Time to do a review of their pay and their departments for possible cut backs and replacements.

jasonthesane 4 years ago

Agreed... if the truck drivers were better paid and their departments hadn't had their budgets cut to the bone maybe the roads would have been better prepared.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

"Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it."

traceface2 4 years ago

You have got to be kidding me. It has nothing to do with being lazy. My husband works 12-hour overnight shifts clearing the roads for all the fools out on the road. Cutbacks, pay...give me a break. There's no money!

cozy 4 years ago

We dont need the roads "cleared" yet. (Snow removal) They need to be salted and have sand put down. The roads werent treated with salt or sand, (but if they really were, it was a pretty $hitty job) or in need of being "cleared" of snow. So what did he do for those 12 hours, exactly?

irvan moore 4 years ago

i like the lawrencepolicescanner site.

Jeremiah Jefferson 4 years ago

How is it that we can put a man on the moon, but we can't seem to figure out how to salt the roads before an ice/snow storm hits. Then the city of Lawrence and Ottawa wants to turn around and bust everybody's chops about shoveling the sidewalks. Hows that work. Either you break your back shoveling snow or get a fat ticket. On the flip side, the county and the city can either do nothing or they can do nothing and get away with it. Its no wonder people go postal..

cozy 4 years ago

"How is it that we can put a man on the moon, but we can't seem to figure out how to salt the roads before an ice/snow storm hits."


Oh and go ask "traceface2" because supposedly her husband walks 35 miles up and down mountains in a blinding snowstorm without food, water or shoes to spend 12 hours overnight "working" to "clear" the roads (they dont have snow, so how are they being "cleared"?) around town. rolls eyes

I would say that it is a safe bet that there wouldve been less accidents if the roads were treated properly and in a preventative manner with salt and sand rather than way after the fact.

Hudson Luce 4 years ago

Drove from West Lawrence to Topeka, East Exit on Kansas Turnpike, started about 6:45. Road started to get really slick at mile marker 196, where the big hill is. I've got an all-wheel-drive Subaru, but I'm chicken and kept the speed down to about 20 mph on the downhill parts and had one tire over on the rumble strip, with AWD there's enough traction to slow down and stop if need be.

Road got really bad on the hill west of mile marker 193, there were cars and trucks off the road, some in the ditch, slowed down to 10 mph and took it really easy down the hill, eventually got off at the Topeka Service Area, where in the gas pump area the concrete was as slick as a skating rink.

Proceeded to East Topeka exit, tons more cars and trucks off the road, just kept on and took it easy on into Topeka. The slickest part was on the final six-block stretch up a hill, almost had to go on the curb to get traction - but not quite. There was one place on the Turnpike, about 50 feet, where I felt my ABS start to take hold, otherwise it was OK.

Home at 7:45 pm. Saw no salt or sand anywhere on Turnpike or in Topeka or in Lawrence, except for the exit from the Topeka Service Area to the Turnpike, for the entire trip. Someone could have loaded up a salt truck and gotten out there and put some salt/sand on the road by 6:45, much less by 7:30, but the only salt truck I saw was headed eastbound on the Turnpike at mile marker 184 at about 7:15pm, and that was it. Made it safely home on the roads - and then damn near fell on my back step...

kernal 4 years ago

Glad you made it home okay. Those steps can be treacherous; that's how I learned to fly through the air one winter! LOL

TopJayhawk 4 years ago

Was out at 2230. All of the main Topeka streets were heavily sanded and salted by then. Had no problem getting to work. Stayed on snow routes, and (wait for it) drove s-l-o-w-l-y.
Try it it works well.

Scott Morgan 4 years ago

C'mon folks are there really serious people who critique typos on blog type entries? Big thanks John and Whitney, perhaps you should write a pc. on how tough it is to keep the ink flowing on small town newspapers nowadays.

I certainly agree, would rather have quick info than perfect articles.

No matter you politicul leenuns, we shoud be berry chery happiness for the locul papur. I find it amazing how much information the LJW puts out per day.

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

Thanks wissmo. We really do strive for perfection, but we're realistic about knowing how hard it is to achieve. In situations like tonight, we do go for getting the information out quickly and efficiently. It's our top priority.

overthemoon 4 years ago

be glad I'm not typing for you....!

piercedoff89 4 years ago

JK, any chance of the KU campus being closed for a 7:30 am final? or will everything be treated and cleared by then?

CrystalKU 4 years ago

Keep dreaming. I too have a final in the morning, although I would really just like to get it over with. NO DELAYS!

Jonathan Kealing 4 years ago

I'd say somewhere between slim and none. Things should be in decent enough order by 7:30 for finals to happen.

Staci Dark Simpson 4 years ago

Lawrence will not call school until hell freezes over. Oh wait....

Steve Jacob 4 years ago

Just back from KC, I drove fine, until saw three cars in ditch near Desoto. K-10 was blocked off still.

mr_right_wing 4 years ago

Go home and stay there already!! Whatever you need to do can be done tomorrow...

kernal 4 years ago

Just checked the forecast for tomorrow morning; looks like it's going to be cloudy and in the mid-20's until about 11am, so sidewalks, steps and parking lots may be slicker than ...

overthemoon 4 years ago

ok then. I guess I'll finish baking cookies in the am. save the errand trips til later.

xclusive85 4 years ago

does anyone know if there is a number we can call to check and see if there are accidents along our route home? Like say on K10 to Olathe?

wmathews 4 years ago

We do have a school closing already. Baldwin City. Keep checking here for the latest closings info:

mom_of_three 4 years ago

anyone know the status on the K-10 connector buses?

mom_of_three 4 years ago

fyi - k-10 is running. 9:10 bus was an hour behind due to the road closing but is on the road now

Staci Dark Simpson 4 years ago

So how are the roads in Lawrence? They are awful here in Baldwin. I was never this nervous driving in last years snow. It took one of my friends 4 hours to get home from Lawrence.

overthemoon 4 years ago

I've been facebooking with a friend traveling from Chicago to Austin. She's been stuck on hwy 44 east of Springfield for an hour with no movement. Looks like a wide spread issue.

creamygnome 4 years ago

Lawrence roads aren't good At least, as of about 9:30. I just drove from Lawrence to Topeka on the turnpike. Saw 14 vehicles off the side of the road. 12 of them on my west bound lane. Could've been more on the east bound. The highway felt find to me, though. It was driving through Lawrence that was a bit rough. Whatever that mini-highway on the south end of town that eventually wraps around to 6th street or further down the turnpike was slick the entire way. I did slide on 10th street here right at Topeka BLVD., that was the only major issue I ran into, but I was driving 15 below the limit most of the time.

kujayhawks142 4 years ago

I was out the for an hour and a half on 4 wheelers helping people. And of course the amazing cops in the beautiful state of kansas stood there with there mouths open drooling.

kujayhawks142 4 years ago

I was out on 4 wheelers on 59 highway for an hour and a half helping people. While the amazing law enforcement of the beautiful state of Kansas stood there with there mouths open drooling.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

"I was out the for an hour and a half on 4 wheelers helping people."

Dipstick, one-off comment. Try again, Dil.

bearded_gnome 4 years ago

Award to Riverdrifter for proper use of "addlepated" in apost!

riverdrifter (anonymous) replies …

This event really marks the first time I've ever heard a county dispatcher totally addlepated. Must be really bad out there...

---Whitney and Jonathan, given the real time nature of this, you guys do a truly amazing job putting up the vital info, and that with so few typos and grammar problems!

the Dissociated Press could surely learn from you!

riverdrifter 4 years ago

I felt bad for that dispatcher. Been there, done that. It's tough.

Agree, kuddos to Whitney and Jonathan. It would seem that the incident on Baldwin hill marked the onset of the events this evening.

G'night. I'm up and gone at 6am and that ought to be interesting.

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

No matter how much you paid for your vehicle, you still have to obey the laws of physics.

notorious_agenda 4 years ago

I saw all of the people in the K-10 accident pass the salt truck not 1 min before the smash up that happened. The area in front of that truck of course had not been salted and the road was mostly ice. By the time I got over the next hill they had all collided. I am happy to say I saw a Lot of people pull over to help.

Tmerritt 4 years ago

At 8:15 I took 59 south out of lawrence as far as that accident jam and then just went east and south on the dirt roads (no ice! I was hauling...) to 56 and right back to 59 on the other side of the accident. I was in sitting in the I-35 south turnpike service area when people were finally getting through that section of road

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