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Sweden terrorist attack was 1st in over 30 years

December 13, 2010


— No one died except for the suspected bomber, but two explosions in Sweden’s capital tore at the fabric of this tolerant and open nation — a society that hadn’t seen a terrorist attack in more than three decades.

Two people were wounded in central Stockholm on Saturday in what appeared to be the first suicide bombing in the history of Sweden, which has been spared the major terrorist strikes seen in several other European countries.

A car exploded in the middle of the seasonal shopping frenzy, shooting flames and causing several smaller blasts as people ran screaming from the scene. The blast that killed the alleged bomber came moments later a few blocks away from the car explosion on a busy pedestrian street.

Experts said the alleged bomber probably didn’t succeed in detonating all the explosives and could have caused much greater damage.

Although police haven’t confirmed Saturday’s attack was motivated by Islamist views, an audio file sent to Swedish news agency TT shortly before the blast referred to jihad, Sweden’s military presence in Afghanistan and a cartoon by a Swedish artist that depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a dog, enraging many Muslims.

It hasn’t been verified that the speaker is the person who set off the explosive, but police have said they are investigating that possibility.

“Now the Islamic state has been created. We now exist here in Europe and in Sweden. We are a reality,” the voice said in the file, submitted to The Associated Press by TT. “I don’t want to say more about this. Our actions will speak for themselves.”

Police in the UK searched a property in Bedfordshire Saturday after reports that the alleged bomber lived in Luton and studied at the University of Bedfordshire, the Press Association of Britain reported. No arrests had been made and no hazardous materials were found at the property, authorities said.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on Sunday said the attack was “unacceptable” but urged Swedes not to jump to “premature conclusions” that “create tension which paints pictures that are then difficult to change.”

“Sweden is an open society ... which has stated a wish that people should be able to have different backgrounds, believe in different in gods ... and live side by side in our open society,” Reinfeldt said at a news conference.

Swedes, with a tradition of welcoming immigrants and a culture of transparency, began questioning the veracity of their self-image of being a secure nation after the 1986 murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme. In 2003, the fatal stabbing of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh in an department store was a wake-up call for many.

But there have been no major terrorist strikes.

“We had a terrorist attack in the 1970s from the Rote Armee Fraktion of Germany, but if this is a suicide bomber it is the first time in Sweden,” security police spokesman Anders Thornberg told The Associated Press. “It’s very serious and it’s very tragic that these things have come to Sweden too.”


Scott Morgan 7 years, 4 months ago

Sweden should withdraw NATO forces from Afghanistan immediately. We can get along without the two cooks and Volvo mechanic Sweden sent.

On a serious note, when will the civilized world begin to understand terrorism is only about fanatical religious beliefs. Until it's understood nobody is safe.

Flap Doodle 7 years, 4 months ago

According to a recording sent to a Swedish news agency, the exploding dope was still torqued about Lars Vilks. To keep that pot boiling, here's a graphic of Muhammad dressed up as a kitty-cat =0.0= . Have fun storming the castle.

Don Whiteley 7 years, 4 months ago

People judge Gods by the action of their followers. Based on that, the depiction of Allah was probably overly kind.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years, 4 months ago

Looks like the normal celebrants of Schadenfreude are out this morning.

voevoda 7 years, 4 months ago

I certainly do not excuse any act of terrorism, no matter what the cause. But to you Lawrencians, snap_pop_no_crackle, distant_voice, CorkyHundley: making disparaging remarks about another religion is offensive and unAmerican. Your comments aren't clever, just nasty. To Lawrencian Muslims who may be reading: rest assured that many of your fellow-citizens here do not approve of attacks on your faith.

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