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100 years ago: Wholesome Sunday activities might include baseball if played “cleanly”

December 13, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 13, 1910:

“The passage of a resolution endorsing the clean, moral manner in which Woodland [Park] was conducted this summer and approving healthful Sunday amusements, was the rather unexpected action taken by the Fair Association directors this afternoon. The resolution as adopted by the directors makes no mention of Sunday baseball, but it is broad enough to sanction the sport when conducted cleanly and free from objectionable features.”

“It is a wonder that the foes of gambling have not taken a crack at life insurance. What is life insurance anyway but a gamble with death. The insurance company bets that a man will live to be a certain age and the insured bets that he will not.”

[Gift-giving suggestions from the advertisements] “‘What shall I give?’ Come and hear the VICTROLA. It’s ‘just the very thing.’ Mahogany and quartered oak, $200. Circassian walnut, $250. We’ll gladly play for you any Victor music you want to hear, and tell you about our easy-payment plan.”... “ELECTRICAL Christmas Gift. For the lady who entertains, Electric Chafing Dish, always ready, no lamp to fill. A welcome gift in any home. Lawrence Railway & Light Company.”... “Beautiful Chimes in a House Clock. One of the newest and most beautiful clocks in the world. An admirable present. See them at Sol Marks.”


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