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100 years ago: Basketball rules tweaked for 1910-1911 season

December 12, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 12, 1910:

  • “In connection with the meeting of the Basket Ball authorities at Des Moines Saturday, the managers of the various institutions composing the Missouri Valley were able to prepare schedules for the approaching season.... There were [also] a few slight changes in the rules this season. This year, four personal fouls instead of five will disqualify a player and put him out of the game. The game must also be played without bodily contact. That is, there must be no charging, no rushing, no shoulder blocking, nor no tackling. This ruling is practically the style of game which K. U. has played for three years, but is in direct opposition to the game Missouri plays. The double dribble, which consists of stopping or hesitating, and then continuing the dribbling rush of the ball towards the goal, is strictly forbidden. “
  • “Lawrence has twenty-five celebrities in ‘Who’s Who.’ The 1910 edition went on the shelves of the public library this week. There are forty-six Kansas towns represented and the one with the greatest number of high-brows per capita is Lindsborg in McPherson county and the center of the Swedish musical belt. Lindsborg has one ‘Who’s Who’ for every 500 of its population but its population is only about 2,000. Close behind comes Lawrence, where Kansas university makes possible a contribution of twenty-five names out of a population of approximately 15,000.”


ksriver2010 7 years, 6 months ago

And that is the style of play that the NBA plays every game - street ball. Traveling from mid court with nary a bounce just to get that dunk.

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