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KU coach Self lauds Booths for buying Naismith’s rules

December 11, 2010


— Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self applauds the generosity of KU graduate David Booth and Booth’s wife, Suzanne, who purchased the original 13 rules of basketball for $4.3 million in an auction on Friday.

“I spoke to David. It blows my mind somebody would be so generous to do something like David and Suzanne have,” Self said after KU’s practice in Sprint Center, site of today’s 5:30 p.m. KU-Colorado State game.

The Booth family intends to deliver founding father James Naismith’s rules to KU.

“This is on top of everything else they have done for us,” Self added, noting the Booth brothers — David and Mark — built KU’s Booth Family Hall of Athletics.

“David grew up just off Naismith Drive. He understands the history and tradition growing up in Lawrence. He felt it would not just be a great addition to the athletic department, but from a tourist standpoint, to have the original rules housed on campus. I couldn’t agree more. Why not have the rules at the place the inventor of the game spent a majority of his life?

“I’m excited about it and appreciative. If anything, it’ll give our alumni and present students and everybody associated with our school a special sense of pride knowing how historic and tradition-rich this place is.”

As far as where the rules will be displayed ....

“You know what? I think we owe it to the Booth family to house these rules in a way that is unique, special and gives everybody an opportunity to view them in a way they deserve to be viewed,” Self said. “We don’t know what that is. We know our administration will be committed to getting with David, others and architects to see what is the best way to do this, to get the most bang for doing this. The pride in having these rules here in Lawrence will last far longer than any of us will. It will last for many generations.”


Thats_messed_up 7 years, 2 months ago

How many stolen tickets sold did it take to get the 4.3 million for a piece of paper?

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