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Budig crucial to Pinstripe Bowl

December 10, 2010


The biggest names involved in the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl, to be played at Yankee Stadium between Kansas State and Syracuse on Dec. 30, all praised the man who has worked in the shadows to make a dream become a reality: Former Kansas University chancellor and American League president, Dr. Gene Budig.

“Few have done more than Doc Budig to make college football a reality at the new Yankee Stadium,” Yankees president Randy Levine said. “He is an old and valued friend of the franchise.”

Chimed in Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder: “Gene is a respected voice in higher education and a real gentleman.”

Mark Holtzman, executive director of the Pinstripe Bowl, didn’t hide that he has leaned on Budig.

“Dr. Budig knows the territory like few others,” Holtzman said. “He has been a priceless coach for us.”


MustHaveSalt 7 years, 2 months ago

Too bad KU couldn't earn its way there.

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