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One dog dies, another rescued from pond accident on East 1100 Road southwest of Lawrence

Lawrence firefighters Alex Thomas, left, and James Barkley pull a dog out of the water at a pond southwest of Lawrence, on Thursday.

Lawrence firefighters Alex Thomas, left, and James Barkley pull a dog out of the water at a pond southwest of Lawrence, on Thursday.

December 9, 2010


Pond at 959 E. 1100 Road

One dog died and another was rescued Thursday afternoon after falling through ice in a pond southwest of Lawrence.

Lawrence firefighter Todd Dwyer’s two golden retrievers, Cash and Cooper, were out playing on the pond when they broke through the ice. Dwyer said his father saw the dogs and called Douglas County emergency dispatchers about 1:30 p.m.

Emergency workers worked to rescue the dogs, which were both about a year old. Cash lived through the accident, but Cooper didn’t.


angelmom 4 years ago

how sad :( I didn't think the ice was even thick enough for them to get on in the first place. Sorry for your loss.

Mike Wagner 4 years ago

I am sorry for the loss of the pet as well, but I am left to wonder if my dog needed rescued would the fire dept help even if I am not a fireman? Are there charges for these services?

LA_Ex 4 years ago

You're seriously going to ask that? Do a simple search and you will see that this isn't the first time the fire department has rescued pets.

mommabear 4 years ago

You are heartless. I hope you fall through the ice.

hedgehog007 4 years ago

Rescues like these allow for training in these conditions, but with lower consequences if anything goes wrong. As much as I love my dog, it's not the same as if it was my child, or another human being. They get to practice an icy water rescue and do something that most compassionate people think is important- rescue a loved pet. And if by chance a person falls through the ice this winter, these professionals will be ready.

3LHSfans 4 years ago

Not only is Todd a Lawrence Firefighter, he is also a Wakarusa Valley & Clinton Townships firefighter along with being a First Responder this means he is constantly looking out for our welfare. This is one of those things that happens, thank goodness there were people ready to go that extra mile for them today. I'm just sorry the boys lost one of their dog.

FiremanChris 4 years ago

When a call comes out on the radio, no one says, "It's a firefighter's house" or "It's not a firefighter's house". It's an emergency call for someone that needs help, plain and simple. Do firefighters only respond to other firefighters houses when they're on fire? Of course not. And yes, rescuing anything is free of charge. See, we live in this wonderful system where we pay taxes so the fire department doesn't have to pick and choose who they can or can't help.

yankeevet 4 years ago

Sorry for the loss of his pet.............

Pitt_Mackeson 4 years ago

This story makes my heart ache for the poor dog and his owners. Glad they rescued cash though.

meburr 4 years ago

Todd would be one of the first on a truck to come to your animal's rescue. The department responds to many animal situations. Most people's animals are thought of as family.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

Great (if heart-wrenching) image by Richard Gwin. A friend and I saw his fine lab get swept under the ice on the Kansas river years ago while duck hunting. I'll never forget it, ever. Probably good but dangerous practice for the guys.

riverdrifter 4 years ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the picture went national or viral or whatever.

Alia Ahmed 4 years ago

I agree. That is a wonderful photo, Mr. Gwin!

kernal 4 years ago

Talk about capturing a moment with the camera! Just makes you want to hug him tight.

Boston_Corbett 4 years ago

Everyone give your dogs an extra hug today.

Brent Fry 4 years ago

What a great way to start my Friday. Makes me think of my lab. I'm sorry for your loss!

meggers 4 years ago

I'm so sorry Cooper didn't make it. Warm thoughts to the family.

I agree, great picture. Cash looks like a real sweetie.

Cheryl Wonnell 4 years ago

this is so touching. Praise God that our EMT's and Lawrence care enough to save a pet. My lab, Bailey is my baby and I would want her helped if needed. I am so sorry for the loss of Cooper. Being a dog lover, I know how hard that is to lose a dear friend. What a courageous thing for the EMT's to do. God Bless you all.

naturalist 4 years ago

My dogs are my family. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dog but thankful you got the assistance to save one. My heart goes out to you. With deep sympathy.

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