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ACLU asks Junction City High School to reverse suspension for wearing popular breast cancer bracelets

December 9, 2010


— The American Civil Liberties Union is asking a Kansas high school to lift the suspension of a student for wearing one of the popular "I (heart) boobies!" bracelets.

The bracelets and other merchandise, including T-shirts, are marketed by a California-based nonprofit created to raise breast cancer awareness among youth. Students nationwide have started wearing the wristbands and shirts, prompting bans in many schools.

Junction City High School principal Stan Dodds says he received complaints from students and staff. So last week, he asked students to remove the bracelets or flip them over and cover up the T-shirts or turn them inside out.

The ACLU says the student who was suspended for refusing to comply has an aunt with breast cancer. The group also wants the school to rescind the ban.


pace 7 years, 1 month ago

He received complaints about students wearing the bracelets from staff. it would be good if the bracelets were described. I am having a hard time imagining the offense.

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