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100 years ago: State Auditor recommends against new type of student housing

December 4, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 4, 1910:

  • “If the Legislature follows the recommendations of State Auditor J. M. Nation, the State university will receive more than a quarter of a million dollars less than Chancellor Frank Strong is asking for. In his estimate Nation cuts out $100,000 asked for a hospital building [and] $75,000 asked for a girls dormitory... ‘I cannot believe the Legislature will consider it advisable to inaugurate a policy of erecting dormitories for students,’ Nation said. ‘Educational men are divided as to the expediency and the value of a dormitory. I have not heard that students of the university are not able to obtain ample accommodations among the residents of Lawrence. There is a theory that a higher standard of morals can be maintained by housing the girls in dormitories. It is a difficult theory to prove.’”
  • “Passengers at the Union Pacific station this morning were surprised to see the old familiar red buzz cars arrive from Leavenworth instead of the recently installed steam train. Motor car service was resumed this morning on the Lawrence-Leavenworth branch.”


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