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100 years ago: KU student blinded by chemistry-class explosion

December 2, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 2, 1910:

  • "Frank Belding, of Pleasanton, a junior in the university, may lose the sight of both eyes as a result of an explosion in the chemistry building yesterday afternoon. Belding has been experimenting with sodium and ether and had some metallic sodium as a residue in a flask. He carelessly poured some water in the flask and the explosion which ensued drove masses of slivered glass over the entire laboratory."
  • "Had Officer Dailey not appeared opportunely at the calaboose last evening with two prisoners, the city might have been minus a jail this morning. When the blue-coat approached the jail he found a volume of smoke pouring from the grated door, and a close inspection disclosed the interior a mass of flames.... It is believed that the officer going into the jail early in the evening to light the gas, tossed the half-burned match where it ignited the mattress."
  • "That Eudora is anxious to secure an extension of the gas mains supplying Lawrence to that town, was shown yesterday when a committee of citizens came here to hold a conference with Joe Dunkle, manager of the company. The matter was not definitely settled."


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