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100 years ago: Coach Kennedy loses only nine games in seven years of KU football

December 1, 2010


From the Lawrence Daily World for Dec. 1, 1910:

  • “With the football banquet tomorrow night, Dr. Bert Kennedy, coach of the Jayhawkers, will have concluded his seventh consecutive season at K. U. During his seven years of service, and out of 65 games played, the veteran has lost nine battles, a record which is little short of phenomenal. While Kansas has rolled up 1,083 points during these gridiron battles, her opponents have made but 245 dearly purchased points.”
  • “Slush ice once more got in its work this morning and tied up every motor in town for about three hours and a half. The Street Railway Co. was able to keep its cars running most of the time from the storage batteries, but it was hard work climbing the hills and the service was badly interfered with. The sudden drop in the temperature filled the river with slush ice which is one of the worst foes that the power plant has to fight. It works its way into the flumes and around the wheels until the water can no longer furnish power. To avoid possible tie ups the Power Company has a large steam plant with capacity sufficient to keep all of the motors and electric lights running. As soon as the water wheels began to show the effect of the ice an effort was made to start the steam engines, but then it was found that the pipes furnishing water to the engines had also become clogged with the ice and it was not until 10:30 that the engines were running and the town was again supplied with water and light. [Mr. Bowersock stated:] ‘An effort will be made to have this not happen again but it is sometimes impossible to get ahead of the forces of nature.’”


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