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Labor Day means vacation for many Americans

August 29, 2010


The economy still might be in the dumps, but that won’t keep Americans from filling up their gasoline tanks to hit the road for one last trip this summer.

During the upcoming Labor Day weekend, Americans are expected to travel more than they did a year ago, even if it is slightly more expensive to do so, a recent AAA survey shows.

“The travel industry is pointing up,” said Jim Hanni, executive vice president for AAA Kansas.

While concern abounds about a double-dip recession, Hanni said there is promise for the travel industry in other economic indicators, such as household net worth and consumer confidence.

So where are people going?

Hanni said that popular destinations for Kansans include Denver to see the King Tut exhibit. Some may stay close to home, swinging over to Branson, while some will even fly to Europe.

9.9 percent

Increase from last year in the number of Americans expected to travel 50 miles or more during Labor Day weekend.

34.4 million

Number of Americans expected to travel 50 miles or more during Labor Day weekend. More than 90 percent of them will be traveling by automobile.

4.6 percent

Increase in the number of Americans expected to fly during the holiday weekend.


Current average gasoline price in Lawrence. That’s about 11 cents higher than a year ago.

5 cents

How much higher the average gasoline price in Lawrence is today than it was on Memorial Day.


Average gasoline price in Lawrence two years ago.


How much money people traveling during Labor Day weekend are expected to spend on food, accommodation, entertainment and recreation.

In the Midwest region, that number will be about $170 less.

9 percent

How much airfare is expected to increase over Labor Day weekend from last year. The lowest round-trip ticket should average $180.


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