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Chief consultant

The soon-to-be-former Lawrence police chief and Kansas Athletics may be a good match.

August 29, 2010


Police Chief Ron Olin has run a tight ship at the Lawrence Police Department. Perhaps he can help Kansas Athletics do the same thing.

On Friday, Kansas University Athletic Director Lew Perkins announced that Olin had been hired as the department’s new director of security/internal controls. Olin will retire from the police department on Tuesday and begin work at KU on Wednesday.

According to the announcement, Olin’s job will go beyond advising on security and event management. The news release on his appointment indicated Olin also will evaluate “internal controls, policies and procedures” and “identify weaknesses that may put Kansas Athletics at a security, regulatory or reputational risk.”

There’s no doubt that the department’s reputation has taken some hits recently. Most notable was the ticket scandal involving a number of athletic department employees who skimmed tickets to KU events to use or sell. It’s hard to imagine an Olin-run operation that wouldn’t have had sufficient internal controls and oversight to prevent the damaging ticket incident.

Olin and Kansas Athletics may be a good match. Running an athletic department isn’t like running a police department but Olin’s experience may nonetheless be exactly what Kansas Athletics needs.


kansasredlegs 7 years, 4 months ago

Internal Controls: Does that mean he'll be bringing his expertise in covering up his subordinates, now superiors, crimes and misdeeds by calling them "personnel matters"?

Smitty: You don't know the half of it. You're only reporting the things that actually made the paper. How about:

The police officer who rolled his truck while impaired returning to Lawrence from the FOP after a live-fire training exercise? Officer's superiors (still at Department) arrived on scene. KHP Trooper arrived, was called off so a DG CO SO Deputy could "handle" the investigation. No DUI, just an accident reports. Officer received 5 days off, no pay. "Personnel Matter".

The LKPD Officer who was stopped for speeding, found to be impaired on K-10, was allowed to continue to return to Lawrence from KC after DG CO Dispatch was contacted. Upon return to Lawrence, Officer located his girlfriend, kicked her door in, she called police, he went home, officers surrounded the townhome, Officer pointed gun at fellow officers. No arrests, the Chief and Superiors gathered all documents concerning event and nothing heard of again. Officer not terminated, but allowed allowed to medically retire. "Personnel Matter."

Current LKPD Detective arrested for DUI by KHP Trooper, transported to DG CO Jail for testing, LKPD Supervisors "convince" Trooper to unarrest then-officer. "Personnel Matter."

Anyone see a pattern there?

Yep, Bid Lew knew exactly who to bring in for the job. Someone who doesn't look the other way, but looks it dead in the face and then nicely, deftly and smiling sweeps in under the rug under the cloak of "personnel matters." Gotta give it to ya Big Lew you knew exactly what you were doing when he picked 'ole Ron for this newly-created position.

If you don't believe one word of this, next time you see Ron, ask him and see if you don't get a, "I can't discuss "personnel matters" response.

kansasredlegs 7 years, 4 months ago

ljw: Why don't you try looking at the Lawrence Police Department uniform. On the collar is the LKPD insignia - Lawrence Kansas Police Department

Never arrested, so goes without saying never convicted.

Facts are facts. Since you want to defend Olin, ask him the questions next time you see him. "It's a personnel issue." Also, never see you say we're not being truthful.

Chris Condren 7 years, 4 months ago

It is sad that the local paper cannot see the real story here of a public employee pensioner taking another public sector job that is nothing but make work. KU has long had its own police department so why the need for the Athletic Department to have its own security person? Why does KU need to spend $115,000 plus fringe benefits on this guy? Perkins has simply hired his own personal protector until he retires.

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