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25 years ago: City asked to look at party noise, beer sales at fraternities

August 29, 2010


Two state legislators had sent letters to Lawrence city officials, warning them not to undertake “aggressive and unreasonable” annexations before the end of the 1986 legislative session. The letter said that lawmakers were considering a bill making it harder for cities to annex land, and any last-minute land grabs were at risk of retroactive voiding by the legislature. Lawrence’s assistant city manager Mike Wildgen said that the city’s move to annex the Western Hills subdivision was not “aggressive and unreasonable,” but quite logical, despite the opposition of property owners in that area.

The city continued to hear from residents who lived near fraternities. Many Lawrencians were pushing the city commission to regulate beer sales and noise at parties. Reactions from the fraternities were mixed. A rush chairman for TKE agreed that the new regulations would be an appropriate reaction to the new drinking laws. However, the rush chairman at Phi Kappa Theta complained that the neighbors were “just looking any way they can to get at us.” Sherman Yacher, one of the irate neighbors, said that fraternities had not been keeping their word after having agreed the previous spring to end weekday party noise by 10:30 p.m. and weekend jollifications by 11:30 p.m.


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