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Good compromise

Just in time for football season, city officials have come up with a reasonable compromise to deal with portable toilets in the Oread Neighborhood.

August 23, 2010


Lawrence city staff members have done a good job of drafting an ordinance that sets regulations for the use of portable toilets in residential areas.

As is often the case, something that seems like a simple matter often becomes more complicated, and the staff has done its best not to create any new problems while trying to address the problem of portable toilets remaining in residential yards near Memorial Stadium throughout the Kansas University football season.

The ordinance they’ve come up is adequate to accommodate about any reasonable use. Portable toilets can be place on any residential property for up to four consecutive days, but only twice in a calendar year for weddings or other special events. The facilities will be allowed more frequently during the football season in the area near the stadium, but they will have to be removed after each game except when consecutive home games are scheduled.

The important thing is that the ordinance on Tuesday’s City Commission agenda sets some clear standards for the placement and maintenance of portable toilets. Without those standards, the city had limited ability to address situations that any neighborhood would find egregious.

Football season is almost here. Hopefully the new ordinance will prove to be a workable and positive compromise for residences near the stadium and their tailgating fans.


matthewjherbert 7 years, 9 months ago

seems like a law that was put on the books to please a small group of vocal citizens, but which will more than likely never be enforced.

Rokchalk 7 years, 9 months ago

I plan on decorating mine and calling it a "study". This Ms. Davis must live a miserable life....she seems to consistently complain about everything......hmmm sad.

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