40 years ago: KU’s Air Force ROTC program now open to women

The summer-long drought finally appeared to be finished. A second heavy rain, just three days after the first, dropped 1.35 inches of rain on a thirsty northeastern Kansas. After a hot and dry June and July, the state was now only about an inch and a half behind normal rainfall for the year.

During his summer visits to alumni, Kansas University Chancellor Laurence Chalmers had been telling them about the new information center and giving out their number, UN 4-3506, with the admonition not to call collect. Most calls were no longer about rumor control, but were from parents calling with questions about tuition, rooming, and enrollment procedures. A full-time staff of eight was supplemented by volunteers during busy times.

KU’s Air Force ROTC program was opening its ranks to women for the first time in its history. About half a dozen women were expected to enroll in the fall.