25 years ago: Boy taken to ER after ingesting poisonous mushrooms

Recent wet weather had spawned a large crop of poisonous mushrooms in Lawrence. A four-year-old boy had been taken to the emergency room with severe vomiting and diarrhea after ingesting chlorophyllum molybdites, an easily-misidentified mushroom known to cause severe gastrointestinal symptoms. In another case, some Kansas University employees had become ill after eating the mushroom. A KU botany professor warned residents not to eat any mushrooms unless they had been positively identified by an expert.

A legislative committee in Topeka heard from longtime KU basketball fans who wanted the KU Athletic Corporation to be prohibited from changing its Allen Fieldhouse seating policy to a new one rewarding wealthy donors with better seats.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital was offering a health fair for children and their parents under the name of a “Cabbage Patch Clinic.” Children were invited to bring the Cabbage Patch Kids, Teddy bears, or other “friends” to the hospital to receive “birth certificates,” while the children received free health screenings.