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40 years ago: Parched land finally recieves some rain

August 20, 2010


Rain finally arrived in the area, much to the relief of dying gardens and parched crops. The heaviest rainfall of the year dumped 1.65 inches of rain on the city, mostly before 8:00 a.m. Tiny hailstones and ear-splitting thunder accompanied the storm.

A resident of 532 Fireside reported that a burglar had forced the door of his apartment during the day and had stolen a $150 radio, a $50 turntable, two speakers, a set of earphones, and 50 records valued at $130.

Hoping to challenge Volkswagen and other imports in the growing small-car market, the Ford Motor Co. unveiled its sporty new subcompact, the Pinto. American Motors had already introduced the Gremlin in April, and was readying a new model as all 25,000 original Gremlins had been sold. General Motors was also releasing a subcompact, the Vega, one day before the Pinto was going on sale. Prices had not yet been announced for the Pinto and the Vega, but were expected to be competitive with the Gremlin, which was selling for $1,879.


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